finally a white cloth for the What If class over at Jude's ; it's not easy photographing white, it looks grey and blue and beige, but I promise you this is white cotton, white (blanc) embroidery thread and white gauze, within which the flower does have streaks of a very pale brown, mostly white though.

the process: I tore strips of white cotton, two different types of loosely woven cotton (maybe part linen, I'm not sure) and wove the strips to form an oblong; I then sewed the strips together with a running stitch, starting on the outer edges, all the way round and then continued up&down along the strips until I was satisfied it would hold together. I had a paper circle (the bottom of my favourite robin tea mug used as the trace-element) placed this on the woven base, on top of which came the gauze, which I proceeded to sew on with a back stitch, full circle; I could now cut away the fabric on the 'back' the paper protecting the gauze, remove the paper and voilá, a see-through view, I continued sewing the irregularly shaped gauze onto the weave with a running stitch, following the circle. Done so far.


it is Very Very
beauty Full.
you even do White well.
my hero.(ine)
Saskia said…
I feel humble, thanks Grace; the thing is Jude's class, her teachings as well as everybody else's stories and their contributions to the whole has woken me up and I'm tapping a new source, many sources even, within myself and within the 'community of likeminded spirits' by this I don't mean something otherworldly, but something almost tangible in this (virtual) world of connecting, like hiking a ride in the flow of creativity....
Anonymous said…
I love the holiness created (pun intended!!)... truly, it feels like a window to wonder.

And boy am I struggling to capture white with the camera, too!
Saskia said…
haha holiness, oh laughter is GOOD



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