working title: landscape with dream-filled bumps; it's made up of three layers very thin cotton, I've cut rough-edged holes through 'top' and 'bottom' fabrics and the sandwiched cotton is pulled through to create the bumps; the bumps can be pushed inward/outward, both sides of the piece are front/back
 the idea of making bumps with a fabric in between layers started here; I did it because I wasn't happy with the overall look of the design in that particular piece; in this piece I've intentionally started with the three dimensional concept; I'm not sure it was what I had in mind, but I do like it. It has potential for more exploration.

here the layering is pulled through the white fabric to create a bump or cloud, white on white.

 here the bumps are pushed back into the blue, creating holes.
the next photo's are of the piece almost full length, it's rather long and therefore not easy to capture on camera, not with enough detail that is.

with the tiny cut out scraps I made an earring


i don't know what i want to say about this yet.
it's so
that's enough for the moment.
PLUS, suddenly, there is THUNDER.
wonder what THAT means?
Mo Crow said…
ah the lacunae!
Marti said…
Your landscape cloth: a world of miniature calderas. I lived in Maui for a time and once in a while we would trek up the dormant volcano, Haleakala and gaze upon the caldera. The other worldly feeling that I would get then of wonder is amazingly what I felt now looking at this amazing cloth...
Saskia said…
Grace: organic, yes that is a good way to describe it I feel; I don't know where this is heading; I do know I want to make a larger piece and that includes finishing 'cloth of change' with far more 'holes' and possibly, if I can manage, a larger-than-me piece. On going endeavour....
Mo: I had to go and check lacunae in my dictionary: interesting word, meaning hollow AND hiatus; so immediately your lacunae has given this small cloth another layer of meaning! thanks;-)
Marti: how wonderful such a small thing evokes memories, it is meaningful to me that something made here can bring forth echoes all over the world
Anonymous said…
oh, oh, and oh - this is a wonderful direction! I love to look at it close up and from far away, too... I will watch eagerly to see how it develops. It could go so many different ways.
Saskia said…
my head is spinning with all the possible outcomes, not just this piece, but others where I want to 'implement' the hole-technique or continue with it; also the different manners of achieving the same outcome: with the aid of marbles, acorns, beans you know like tie-dye...it's swirling in my head
it's stunning and Unbelievably
curious...and i love that it's
what would it be like dangling in
an open window, with breeze
Saskia said…
dangling alongside ghost-bird....
Heather said…
Gorgeous, so much to explore. I like the piece flat - I even mistook the first photo for a gardenscape.
Saskia said…
thanks Heather, it's a really exciting piece for me, as you mention: so much to explore, in this piece and the next and the next....



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