Saturday, 27 February 2016

'hold your beliefs lightly' Grayson Perry

Yesterday friend M. and I travelled south by train to Maastricht, so we could one: meet up with my parents and two: the four of us could see the Grayson Perry exhibition in the Bonnefanten museum. It is one of those rare museum visits where you walk around with a huge smile on your face (the colours! the stories! the joy! the abundance!) whilst at the same time being gut-wrenchingly blown away by the scale of the pieces; not just because of the size and quality (for what is skill without the creator's heart) but more importantly the emotional and intellectual depth displayed in each and every piece; the beholder's eye can keep on travelling over the tapstries, sculptures, vases, etchings, drawings and never be able to take it all in as there are so many narratives, demonstrated in the intricate details and expressed in his own words in f.e. the documentary about the coming about of 'A House for Essex' in Wrabness Essex, Perry's home county.
He is a colourful character, to put it mildly, married & two children, of which there is no evidence as far as I could tell in the pieces; he's also a performer I would say, as he also likes to wear girlie clothes, outfits he designs himself or young art college students design for him; some of the creations so outrageously other the top Alice-in-Wonderland, even I as a yound girl would have been reluctant to wear them. However, he carries it off with such casualness it feels oddly ordinary.  

he cruised through Germany with his teddy bear Alan Measles on this motor bike, with matching attire

 I'm afraid I forgot to take pictures of all the titles and of the pieces in their entirety, such was the overwhelming experience. I did remember to take this picture of his own words right at the beginning of the exhibit: 

 below details from 'The Walthamstow Tapestry' 2009 wool, cotton, polyester, acrylic, silk

'Our Father'2007, cast iron, oil paint, string

'Map of Nowhere' 2008, etching from five plates; I love how doubt is at the very centre, as that is a feeling every artist, and I suppose every human being, feels every now and then!

book plus blurb

a bit of his art on our kitchen window sill

Friday, 19 February 2016

what's happening

 today a slightly different route leading to fresh vistas of the well known woods

when a dog pees it mean one of two things, either he's mapping the terrain with his own personal markers, or he needs to relieve himself

love how the trees lean

 not a particularly enticing view, however these are the two trees that create the gap, when viewed from across the water:

a group photo of sorts; it took me so long to get a small portion of the entire Gang organized enough for them to strike a pose and then once I had my phonecamera ready, I looked up and noticed a couple of agitated birds had done a runner! I now realize how frustrating it must have been for my dad when we stood moaning and bickering when he was trying very hard to take a picture of us all together; I'm in the process of making a book about the Dwelling and thought a group photo would be nice.....I have already made a smaller, simpler version with just the images:
this has been a useful tool gently nudging me towards the images that work and those that don't, however I think the stories are essential, so now through the magic of I am truly making a book

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

spot the change

yesterday evening: 9 poplars, lined up in a row
this morning 8 am, three down, six more to go

just before the walk.....
I count 5

3 left standing
(the trees in the foreground are lime trees, I don't expect them to disappear)

by the time I finish this post there are just 2, however I am certain they too will be down before I get back from the office later today.

the trees are 30 years old and ready to topple, I look forward to a lot more light and sunshine this Spring and Summer