Sunday, 28 January 2018


ms Smith has been busy and highly productive: she has already finished several colourful paintings and 2 small pillows; the tiny birds love being in her studio, in part because that's where I moved their staircase to; Woodstock and BlueOwl are big fans as well, and have become her assistants (wish I had a couple of those!) 
the yellow wooden bird on the right plus what I think is a hedgehog are queuing up, eager to pose for their portraits.....  

have been sewing and stitching as well, adding to what I like to call my installation, titled:

Friday, 26 January 2018

state of flux

the Dwelling - doors closed
 Big Changes, hence my absence here, plus change equals unrest, leading to unhinged, irregular routine, if you can call it that.
Anyway, coming to the point, in short: got fired, last job ended December 2017, entered UnemploymentBenefit-land, the weirdest of bureaucratic worlds, discovered I don't do forms well, got caught in catch22 loops; thought I had decided to take time off and rediscover the full-time working experience of the Studio, seriously started tidying up the Studio, continued in the Dwelling,  still could not stop, started helping my parents, then a friend of theirs...and then my light-bulb moment......
THIS is what I do pretty well & I enjoy it, and there are folks out there willing to pay for my services

What it boils down to is this: I want to start my own small business (still need a name in Dutch!)the business being 'tidying up your house, be it one room, the entire house from attic-to-cellar, hereby bringing order to your kitchen/bedroom closet/mind, whatever you feel needs decluttering'

The Dwelling now looks like this, not quite finished as I think I want to add paintings on the front, when the doors are closed and a few items have been added since I took these photos:

Buddha on the left requested a small pillow, for, as he explained, sitting on your bum for over 2500 years is at times hard!
BuddhaBird let him use his as he in turn wanted to get close and cosy with one of our new arrivals, a sweet little doll from E's house

an artist friend! Ms Smith bustled in, she is very articulate and (extremely) energetic: she has managed to finish several paintings, and two small pillows (none of them in the photos, sorry) as well as entertaining all who come and visit her in what is now a very nice Small Studio in the Dwelling

the violin playing hippo and grey mouse also wandered in from E's house; as you can see the musical performance is much appreciated by all who have gathered together in the Celebration Room; OBK is delighted to make their acquaintance 

shelves in the large kitchen