Wednesday, 30 July 2014

simple pleasures

we can go for short walks now, as we did indeed do yesterday; humidity was between 70 and 75% which made for a heavy day, whew!

woven mud

the shirt (which came into our household in a plastic bag full of clothes for the boys, as a basic white shirt, too small in the shoulders for them, but fitting me quite perfectly) has - after dyeing - been modified ever so slightly: the cuffs have been removed and are now used to line the newly formed V-neckline, two curtain ties have been turned into cuffs; I decided to turn the shirt inside-out, as I preferred the stitched result better on what was the inside; all has been sewn (on) with my favourite running stitch, in some spots criss-crossed, like a sort of weave, one tiny corner is an actual weave. At the back of my mind is Jude's class Considering Weave; one could say the shirt has been inspired by all the classes I have attended/am following: Contemporary Boro 2, What If Diaries and Considering Weave

still some stuff to be done: sew buttons on what has become the 'right' side, fasten the darts, maybe some extra stitching in certain spots

"Should not every house possess at least one sampler? A real sampler, an example; every stitch that can be discovered being given separately. These for the use of all persons, not only for would-be embroiderers, but also for all those who would 'acquire a knowledge to enable them to appreciate the work of others', and thus add joy to their own lives."
Introduction of the catalogue for the Exhibition of Wessex Stitchery, Mrs. Forster 1934, page61
from: Early 20th Century Embroidery Techniques, by Gail Marsh 2011
ISBN 978 1 86108 820 8

Friday, 18 July 2014

a very hot day

first plum dye result

second plum dye: first it turned bright pink, after washing with water and soap, sky blue; clamp-resist in avocado-concoction plus metal plus Heat, we're experiencing a heat wave which works wonders for the dyeing, wow

more bits into plum-avocado dye rusty container

cotton wrapped 'round plum dregs: pink
blue linen trousers here soaking up the plum juices, has been washed once and gone back into plum-avocado-pusty container dip for More Effect, the heat accelerates the dyeing

woven bird
a simple weave that started out as the top of a much more elaborate piece, first cut off bottom bit as I liked the back better than the front and couldn't manage to integrate it with the original, it became the woven bird above, the middle part was torn away and came apart, no loss; I like the cross-like feel of it now, suits the weaving and as with many of my pieces it is reversible, dark light back front in out over under 
a day later I got to thinking: what if I dyed  strips/pieces of fabric in two distinctly differing colours and made a large weave; forethought&planning, I even manage to surprise myself Grace

Sunday, 13 July 2014

weave, dye, sleep

latest love in our lives resting on his outdoor bed, a gift from friend J who helps out at our local thrift-store-with-a-twist: you give your unwanted stuff and if you want the store gives you whatever you might want or need, take your pick, no money involved; it's called the GeefWinkel;
Django seems to like his new daybed, suits him too

long cloth from plum dye bath with washer and coin clamps - the unripe plums are dropping in huge numbers these days, what to do, luckily I stumbled upon a site where Sasha from permacouture explained you can use plums for dyeing as well! the grey-green is very subtle, I love it, as I do the pattern of circles, absolutely my favourite clamp dyeing technique so far

weaving thread in the cut out octagon, was meant to be a circle, however sometimes things work out differently, plus the weave was initially meant to be a circular one, but I somehow managed to miss my warp threads and there was no weaving, watching an exciting world cup football match at the same time probably didn't help, I ended up cutting it all away, except the small floret, used on the reverse side of the woven button - reminding me not to try doing too many things all at once!

 another cut-out, not so much a weave, but still for me at least, connected to the weaving class experiments over at Jude's

was feeling low last week, maybe the oppressive weather literally depresses one; am feeling much better now that I have have been working in the garden with the help of husband and eldest son, have therefore slept soundly, have had good dye results and the class experiments are directing self towards new horizons 
close-up of plum-dye

finally the shirt from last week's dye pot: tada, the colours are far more subtle than in these pics; I have already cut off the collar and will do some more customizing, but I am very happy with the range of colours and markings achieved in such a short space of time, the oppressive weather has it's own rewards it would seem.

read it!
addendum: today's our 18th wedding anniversary - we kind of forgot - but once remembered I decided we'ld plant the two climbing roses together in the back garden, at long last we have two rose arches in our rambling garden; we managed to plant one together, guests arrived unexpectedly, we had drinks and then, after they were gone, I planted number two in the summer rain, okay then it was a good day

Sunday, 6 July 2014

weven = to weave

I was reminded of this quote through Grace's post over at Windthread; it has been with me a while now dating back to my mid-twenties when I was looking for real truths, directives on how I should be living my life, hoping somebody wiser than self could show me the way....we all know how that ends; I'm not sure I get the quote...'to thine own self be true' I mean obviously I get it, but also, what is my true self, is this not a constantly changing and evolving (group of) entities; I am no longer the person I was in my twenties (thank the goddesses) I am no longer the laughing child in her tub in the pic - and how serendipitous is that?! seeing self as a very happy being, having been pointed in this direction by Grace's post, what a delightful reminder of former self - how grateful I am to my dad for capturing this moment in time; at least there is that

a white cotton hand-me-down shirt has been wrapped 'round a variety of wild flowers, compacted into a bundle held with elastic bands; the flowers are from an exquisite bunch friend J. gave me last week, added to the mix: sweet chestnut catkins (or whatever they're called) dropping in abundance these days, avocado peels & pits, bottle caps, copper pipe, coins, left-over solar-dye fluids, topped off with rainwater and just a little boiling water to get things brewing; will leave for as long as I'm capable of keeping away!
 a dog in the house means not only furry love has entered into one's home; oh no, Django has shown himself to being quite the collector, he's not much of a curator though, we find his treasures literally everywhere he can get under or into; above we have a random configuration of his latest finds, some more useful than others, now if he could also provide us with the shoe that goes with the inner sole f.e. he could prove he really is a retriever, ha
snail trail art: the dog now seems to be trying to lasso the bird out of the tree

 images of the organized chaos in the studio, we're into considering weave over in class at Jude's; I invested in several differently sized embroidery hoops, more threads (also some linen ones, will post on those later) much needed pins & needles, plus some fun woven buttons for class (extra dosh thanks to a nice surprise on my tax return)

 this place sums up part of who I am, what I do, am into...yet it is of course incomplete; I'm also part-time coach, full-time mother, wife, lover; basically I'm unfinished business....