Tuesday, 26 November 2019

open for business, plus addendum

copious amounts of coffee and tea have kept me going (and the very occasional glass of red wine) as I have been VERY BUSY
not just with the quilting as can be seen in hazy image below, but drrrrummmmmrrrrrroll with setting up my business for real and making a site with the help of our son!

addendum: you can check out the website in Dutch: 'De Kunst van het Opruimen' or in English:  'The Art of Tidying Up

Most pages are by now both in Dutch and English.

You can also click on the Blue Tangible Memory, with a link to the English version in the side bar on the right and off you go

Monday, 4 November 2019

new rooms, a new winter cloak, news in general

we start in OBK's new walk-in-closet, he's excited, delighted and feels a little spoilt! not only can he now enjoy the closet itself, there's light and a brand new woolen cloak, as seen above and below: turquoise, purple and a touch of neutral natural tones; exactly warm enough for Autumn, he still has his really heavy woolen cape for the deep dark cold in Winter, I'm told we are going to have a proper one this year: snow and ice
hi there!

checking himself out in the mirror

Below right: Mr. Mole's glass house is dangling safely, he prefers living down below as he's used to crawling about in the dark. To the left there are now three 'swinging' rooms, the shop has moved from right to left; two 'swinging' rooms to the right: the large one is the new sewing room! There's lots more space and room for storage, a basket full of fabric scraps, several shelves and so much wall space for hanging stuff, excellent lighting.....oh we do love this new room

I am still very busy setting up my own business and visiting the old folks.....at times very demanding and tiring, but these things have a way of balancing my emotions and it's good to have positive things to look forward to rather than focusing too much on the sad side of life; as always the Dwelling's inhabitants keep me amused and occupied.
There's never a dull moment in the BirdHut, ha!