Monday, 30 June 2014


shadow dancing on kitchen worktop

summer breezing solar dyes

coins become moons

weaving attempts in Jude's class, inserting triangles into the woven fabric, it has found a spot in the Tree Room in the Project, the beings are happier with the result than I am (they are kind)
the tiny grass mat below (in the Bathroom) was woven a while back, I do like that one and want to make more with grasses and the like

....drawing lines and having to think about which one goes over and which one goes under; thinking how the printed pattern mixes with the actual stitching, how raw linen combines with gessoed linen, soft and hard, black&white, over....under, warp&weft..........
how weaving is now settling in the mind, is becoming a way of looking at all that surrounds me

Sunday, 22 June 2014

sunday's warp&weft

  heracleum mantegazzianum = giant hogweed = reuze bereklauw, beautiful and dangerous; fortunately it does not grow in our garden, I see them on my walks in the woods nearby, mighty impressive!

an attempt at wearing my art, it has given me an idea for future  projects....the tree is not bashful either and agrees to display both front and back, both sides being of equal importance to me, as those of you who have been following me for a while now will probably know. The piece consists of three bits of home-dyed fabric, two have been woven together with the 4-season tree-lino-print kind of matching up; the stitching is mainly black, white and red and I'm finishing the stitching at the bottom in a darker shade of red and petrol blue (I cannot explain why...something to do with the colours of bottom piece of fabric)
I chose white and black in honour of Jude, as the weaving itself was inspired by her latest class Considering Weave...I was stuck and decided weaving might help me get unstuck, I like the red as a contrast to these two non-colours and it isn't a colour I use a lot, but I do like the boldness of it; maybe will use more of that in future

Monday, 16 June 2014

toad's short poem

I am the quiet toad
silent and still
it may not look like it
but I'm smiling

smiling on the inside

by now, maybe you are too

Sunday, 15 June 2014


today is my mother's 80th birthday
we celebrated last evening with a big party in my parents' hometown Maastricht
lots of people came and we had a truly good time, laughter and tears and everything in between
we stayed the night and enjoyed an-after-party breakfast.....

in the photo she is standing with her twin brother at the age of 6
she is the extrovert, he the introvert

he died 17 years ago at the age of 63, he was my favourite uncle, crazy, funny, playful we, his nieces and nephews loved him dearly, as did many others. It was another story for his siblings and parents as he suffered from hypochondria in his younger years, which became much more serious and eventually evolved into schizophrenia, making life for himself and his closest family difficult. The last years of his life were, luckily for him and all of us much, much better; he died on the dance floor with a smile on his face

Saturday, 14 June 2014

i am toad 
i was minding my own business just sitting still 
there was noise, the earth shook, i was trembling i was scared it came closer and closer, noise and movement, grass was cut away and it started falling all around me, my world was total chaos, there was nowhere safe to run, 
i did not move, i kept lying low, the roar was everywhere. it was everywhere
and then it subsided, the rumble lessened, disruption moved on, all was quiet once more....
everything is different, 
i do not understand what happened, i lost all 
birds are singing again leaves rustling
sounds normal 
i am shaken and sit waiting, i survived, i am alive 
as stated previously I am not a believer, not in gods, not in fairies, I accept facts. There is no denying the fact of beings having moved into the studio, how they got here is at times unclear, but they are here to stay; then there are the beings out there that I am sometimes fortunate enough to notice. These beings bring with them stories, their stories not mine. This is fact: they're telling me what they want to reveal, it's not my imagination it is beyond what I am capable of imagining. I am not judging whether what they tell me is truth or not, just recording...I am a record keeper of our traces, we all leave our marks in one way or another

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

 kind of looks like a tropical forest, sure feels like it after this morning's deluge.....woke up 'round 5 am to the sound of thunder and rain pouring down, the occasional lightning adding to the festivities, ha; luckily I managed to fall asleep again as there was still a day's work in the office ahead of me; after so much rain the greens have returned with a vengeance, May was almost starting to look like summer with the dry mown fields turning yellow and many flowers blossoming prematurely after the soft winter

dyeing-pics i forgot to post yesterday..the dye had been diluted by rain, have added tea dregs to compensate, there are avocado peels in the container and folded into the fabric are flower petals from ??plant

Monday, 9 June 2014

small miracles, continued

 hammering the leaves into the cloth, it felt like a rather violent act, but then I said to self: you have poured boiling water over leaves in the past for dyeing (although I must confess to having had qualms about it if I'm totally honest, not that those qualms kept me from it)
it is an interesting, very direct dyeing technique I learned about in India Flint's book Eco Colour; I used three different types of leaves here: hazel, ivy and sorrel of which the last two gave the best results, especially the ivy; the sap content has a big influence on the result it would seem, all three leaves were freshly picked. I folded the fabric double and sandwiched the leaf in between, hammered the leaf on both sides on the fabric, which I had placed on a piece of wood, using both a small metal hammer and a wooden one
in the case of the hazel leaf there were also lice on the leaf, they alas perished in the process and added to the overall look: they became the spots; I wasn't thinking about them when hammering it was only later that I realized what had happened, what's done is done

I decided not to wash the cloth, will wait and see how it develops....the cloth I used was a previously dyed one where I had experimented with flour-resist and black bean dye (of the latter I am unsure) It has a waxy feel to it
for more inspiration on the subject of leaves: visit Susan's blog fiber art and craft

 the weather has been just perfect these past couple of days and life is lived mostly on the verandah 
 after dinner I went for an evening walk, the light is so enticing
without asking I picked him up to make this picture and when I wanted to put him down he fell to the earth! I was aghast, what had I done? Thankfully he landed on his feet and he hopped away from me(back to where he had come from, so maybe the wrong direction...) okay it seemed he was unhurt; relieved I got up off my knees to continue my walk. No sooner had I turned my back on him than a dog wandered past me in the direction of the toad and I was like: oh no, be careful, watch out for the tiny toad, please don't step on him. All these thoughts in my head mind you. Around the next bend two girls on horseback heading towards the tiny creature, oh my was he going to survive? All of these dangers on this his first crossing of the footpath, I checked on him when I came back: there was no sight of him so I'm hoping this one got away safely

stood here at exactly 9:08 pm