toad's short poem

I am the quiet toad
silent and still
it may not look like it
but I'm smiling

smiling on the inside

by now, maybe you are too


jan said…
The toad in my garden has re-appeared...haven't seen or heard her for a while. She lives in the woodpile. Not got such a fab photo as this though! x
Mo Crow said…
that gormless smile
in the last pic he looks like
Jack Nicholson
Anonymous said…
yes I am.
Saskia said…
hi Jan, I take all my pics with my phone, toads are easy subjects as they don't move when they sense danger, eh suppose this works out well some times....shame they have no plan B

Ha quite Mo `~`

well Grace, I have always liked Jack Nicholson, maybe this is why....

Dee, that is nice
Julie S said…
catching up on the last several posts and wondering if toad will appear in your cloths soon. You have captured its essence in every other way.
Saskia said…
hi Julie, yet again you've made me think (maybe that in itself is a sign ha) about what I could add to my cloth-work! A toad in cloth, so be it.......
Nancy said…
Why, hello toad!
Saskia said…
hello Nancy



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