today is my mother's 80th birthday
we celebrated last evening with a big party in my parents' hometown Maastricht
lots of people came and we had a truly good time, laughter and tears and everything in between
we stayed the night and enjoyed an-after-party breakfast.....

in the photo she is standing with her twin brother at the age of 6
she is the extrovert, he the introvert

he died 17 years ago at the age of 63, he was my favourite uncle, crazy, funny, playful we, his nieces and nephews loved him dearly, as did many others. It was another story for his siblings and parents as he suffered from hypochondria in his younger years, which became much more serious and eventually evolved into schizophrenia, making life for himself and his closest family difficult. The last years of his life were, luckily for him and all of us much, much better; he died on the dance floor with a smile on his face


Marti said…
Such a dear photo and touching remembrance of your Uncle. Belated Happy Birthday to your Mom. Twins are special;I'm the mother of twin girls and the grandmother of a twin girl and a twin boy and right now, who is the extrovert and who is the introvert, changes...
Saskia said…
thanks Jude, the lives of parents before we were born are a long way off, but they have an impact on ours; the older I become the more grateful I am for being able to hear their stories, grateful they're still here to share them with us

oh wow Marti, twin girls and twin grandchildren, so very special; my mother gave a speech and her twin brother held a prominent place in her speech....also special: her husband and brother share the same name
Nancy said…
So cute these two! My boyfriend is a twin (he has a twin sister)...I wanted twins when I was pregnant with my second.
Saskia said…
hi Nancy, are they close?



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