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up close and personal

plants overwintering on North-facing window sill in our sitting room, the swallow's not real, it's one of those bird protection stickers, to prevent birds from flying into the glass panes; the whites on the grass out back are hundreds of snowdrops

I made this light-weight flannel backed quilt for OBK; he wasn't feeling well and spent many hours in bed. Last night as I tucked him in he whispered to me: " We've shared many good moments haven't we.... there were a couple of rough patches too, but the majority were good ones, Pjaske"* I was moved to tears and had nothing to say, I just nodded and managed to mumble 'good night.'

Fortunately he's feeling a lot better today, well enough to get out of bed and try on this new velvet under-garment, made with Jude's velvet

one the most beautiful songs ever written - in my opinion -

[* in fact these were words I overheard my dad say to my mum a few nights ago when I was staying with them as she's not wel…

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