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Been away awhile, mentally I mean, perhaps physically as well now I come to think of it… body was giving off multiple signs I was heading for another burn-out. As is so often the case folks say: ‘once you’ve experienced a burn-out you are more susceptible to short-circuiting again.’ I accepted this truism as a fact, thinking I would have to try and avoid situations that bring on stress in my life. But lately, it just seemed more and more situations were pressing my stress-buttons, sometimes all at once!‘Is what people say true? Does one burn-out lead more easily to another? And if so, why?’ I asked myself. ‘Also, how on earth am I going to be able to avoid stressful situations?’The answer is simple: I won’t.I will not be able to avoid them, shit happens to a larger or lesser degree, all the time, to everybody, everywhere. And that, dear reader, turned out to be my light-bulb moment, because I realised it doesn’t have to be this way, I don’t have to walk the same route as I have do…

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