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tetra-pak fun

So much going on here, not just the build-and-all-things-related, nor the beings that have appeared on my freeed-up workbench in the studio (a byproduct of my personal building frenzy) I have become an activist, somewhat small-time and late in the day, but hey very involved and fired up! what about you may wonder? Let me explain: in the nearby woods, or rather in the recreational part of those woods (only in the Netherlands do we have these kinds of distinctions I guess) the campsite changed hands 10 years ago.  The new consortium of owners blew in from the Randstad , imagining they were treading upon uninhabited territory - as if such a things exists in our teeny tiny country - followed in their trail by their many handsomely paying guests, turning the once quiet, rather boring, campsite into a noisy event-tooting wannabe place for the incrowd. For 7 months of the year we might be treated to music on a balmy Summer evening as it stampedes into our gardens and bedrooms, or shaken up by

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