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cycle of life

wasn't wearing my reading glasses whilst taking photo's, hence a slightly blurry butterfly spotted yesterday morning, the first of its kind this year - in our garden at least - aglais urticae Kleine Vos or Small Tortoiseshell * below my mum and me on Saturday, she looks better than she feels, is alas in a lot of pain, we are doing all we can. I will be spending as much time as I can with my folks

It Is Long, It is Repetitive© 2020 Alice WalkerAs much as we might like to imagineWe will come back as a flowerChances are, many of usAre bound to come backAs flies.We have annihilated so many,Nor have we noticed sufficientlyThe gossamer lovelinessOf their wings.But come back we will;(it isn’t even as of we go anywhere);And that alone is whyWe should abuse nothing.Those ancient IndigenousWho never disturbed any thingHad the right idea,Though most of us were bornToo lateAnd in far too un-awakened placesTo benefit from this wisdom.And so are left unaware.Chewing the tobaccoThat might have …

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