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first batch of daily haikus: one whole month! Berlin & Hundertwasser, lots of photos!

One month's worth of daily haiku's, I have to admit to being really chuffed with the result and am definitely hooked, determined too to finish an entire year, at the very least...... As it turns out, the daily routine also works as a kind of diary. Of course it is not quite possible to capture √©verything I deem noteworthy in 17 syllables, (well not yet anyway, I learn more as I practice more). However I do see how the discipline requires me to focus, which translates into what appears on paper, in words & images. Not every collage I start the day with ends up being used for the end-of-the-day-haiku, nor does every first draft, some days I think I've written what I want to say at 11 a.m. only to realise by 6 p.m. I want to share something else completely....  example of a collage I like, but did not end up using for the haiku stuff that excites me and makes me happy: we attended an informal talk/interview with ornithologist  Ben Koks (on the left), he LOVES birds, espec

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