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quite a full year

happy new year Seems like 2022 has flown by, so much has happened I've hardly had time to reflect on it all. I now feel as if I was constantly running around, literally and in my mind.  Funny I had imagined this past year would somehow be different from the hectic years before.  It started out quietly enough, with me at home a lot, working in the studio, painting painting, and more painting. I started meeting more folks, getting to know them better and making new friends, becoming more and more involved in local art circles. I bought an i-pad and am now taking i-pad lessons to learn new skills. I've taken up sculpting classes as well and made my first ever life-size clay portrait. The home-extension which lasted longer than expected, in fact is still not quite done, keeps me on my toes. I suddenly had to make big decisions, like what kind of wood we wanted for the exterior walls down to the colour and kind of wall sockets we wanted. My daily routine revolved around workmen'

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