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Paris, June haikus

June's haikus I used pages cut to size (May's pages being the guide here) from a second-hand book on Estonian art, which I was not going to read for obvious reasons After day one I tried to match the image to the words, albeit in a roundabout sort of way I like that they are mostly black & white Paris for a weekend! with three girlfriends! it was so much fun, I tend to forget to have fun, I do not consider self a fun person, suppose we cannot change who we are, but anyway we had fun, G&T's  before noon  on the trainride there helped set the mood.... we rediscovered the area just north-west of Gare du Nord , as we wandered from there up to the museum Halles St. Pierre (our raison d'être for the trip). The neighbourhood is full of shops selling all items of clothing: especially it seemed wedding dresses, three piece suits, high heels, pretty fabrics and gaudy frocks, frills and sequins galore, everything one needs for a lavish party look handsome fella, there were

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