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lots of glass, wood and paper, some cloth, mixing my media

busy busy busy life these days: clearing out our parents' home driving back & forth sorting thru the rooms, drawers, bags, clothing, shelves, stacks, attic, cellar, shed, there are even ceramics on the balcony waiting to be saved from the elements.... they collected many objects, countless memories they would have been married 60 years March 8 this year, my dad would have turned 90 last Friday, he wanted to we want so much from life I'm bursting with energy these days - no looking after our parents anymore - from the moment I wake up I am ON! all day long, until I switch off, say 11 p.m., when doink, I keel over and fall asleep for my mycelium-project I built this table from recycled materials: legs found in parental shed glass gifted by friend W. table top and sides from repurposed cupboard hinges found in possibly-useful-metal-bits-container I have more fungi-experiments on north facing kitchen windowsill, the edible varieties, to avoid contamination I keep them away from

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