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paper and paint

a lot of painting going on, just a lot the paints aren't real paint: the greyish tint comes from a jar of dirty water I purposely keep going and the browns come from my homemade sweet-chestnut brew to which I might add the odd drop of commercial  biester , last week I even threw in some henna-powder I used to dye my hair I work with two brushes, a large one for the first blob of paint and sometimes the smaller one for details I really love how the paint looks once dry, all those unintended nuances and tiny spots and how it's very thin in places and dense in others, it has a life of it's own I'm using the obvious sketch books, old note pads, painting over the notes, old books even, where I let myself be loosely inspired by the contents, sometimes just a word sparks off an image for the time being not quite sure how I want to sell these as I like the idea of keeping the books intact, can always reproduce  I suppose...... been collaborating with fellow artist on Something

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