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New! birthday calendar and Snoopy gush

small clay chandelier, decorated with gesso, watercolours and fake gold-leaf, two birthday-cake candles gives you an idea of the scale I sense we could all do with a little more light these dark days  I can hardly claim to keep a blog as I rarely post these days. Not just because I don't think my daily musings/routine/et cetera are interesting enough to warrant the sharing. Not that other people's blogs aren't, interesting that is, it just feels like such a waste of time, this ranting rather than listening. Also I find posting pics on Instagram far easier. The election result in the Netherlands kind of illustrates what I'm trying to convey here....One of the many explanations for the swing to the right has been the inability of politicians and those in power to listen to what many voters perceive to be the real problems and solutions. Left and central parties have been unable to lure voters in. Trying to convince one another is, in my book at least, the least viable opt

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