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how utterly absurd

Bill Withers in the background, as I was listening to Nancy's video in her latest post,  this Blue Tit fluttered onto the window sill right in front of me, pecking at seeds, I tried to capture it on camera without scaring it off by sudden movements on my part, hence the poor quality, resulting however in sheer joy

After reading Mo's post 'love is the answer' showing Marti's cloth-love-message, I resolved to restore the prayer flag flapping in our front garden; I took it down, threw it into the washing machine, hung it out to dry, tore off the snippets of almost nothingness and embarked on my  mission of restoration! I managed to salvage a green and a yellow flag from the original, sewing thin cotton onto the backs, rows of thread stitched up & down making them whole again.First new one done and then partly undone [sigh] was the 'Everything is Connected' star cloth. Then I went rummaging for bits to match and noticed Maria's linen dyed square draped a…

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