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new sign at gatepost:  open  when I am  here  studio  the  birdhut let's keep it as simple as possible folks;-) sketchbook-making continues A close friend visited Venice this Summer, the Biënnale are on, and she brought back a lovely, usable souvenir for me: a recycled plastic container full of paper snippets,  giftwrapped in a kfc paper bag! She had bought it in a small shop where the owner herself made collages and, as far as I understood, she wasted nothing, collected rubbish and where possible used said rubbish, either for her art or for the packaging. As I have never been to Venice, I decided to use the paper for a collage book and make an imaginary sight seeing guide I know I mentioned thinking of selling these books, however I've had second thoughts....sorry Grace I cannot let go of any of them just now, but I'll be sure to paint some small figures on their own! for a few days our news was dominated by the fate of asylum seekers in our country: forced to sleep under

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