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time seems to be slowing down

A snail in the hollyhock, I am amazed it’s still out here as we are experiencing a heat wave. It's heavy weather and I'm not up to much......I do like it because it feels like Summer has finally arrived, much like corona-time it means we have to slow down and then have time to notice small things, like cracked earth, yellowing grasses, swallows flying low as a thunder storm gathers, or how, whilst lying on my back in the river, my body rises as I inhale air and slowly sinks as I exhale, or do stuff otherwise impossiblelike solar dyeing:in one pot several cotton bundles stuffed with fallen hibiscus flowers, the other one contains several with either used Earl Grey or turmeric tea bags 

Ha, me smiling as I'm wrapped up in the Allotment quilt; the selfie photo taken with my phone (my only camera in fact) makes me look younger, i.e. no wrinkles and my face is thinner, ah well, suppose we like a better version of ourselves, or whatever......but the Allotment quilt is done! compl…

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