Tuesday, 24 December 2019

the 24th

In the new Guest Room the bed is almost made, you can just catch a glimpse of a bassinet on the right.....blankets and pillows are shared, everyone has to squeeze in together, the more the merrier is The Dwelling's motto 

The owl choir sings a very 'Silent Night', although of course one can hardly hear most of it as they are silent creatures; however there is the occasional screeeeeech, and we all cover our ears in haste, pretending to be overwhelmed by emotions and nod and wink at them in fake approval.....ah well, they do mean well

The Spirit of Christmas stands by the main entrance hugging all the new arrivals and much to his surprise is kissed by each and every newcomer, unbeknownst to him he's standing under the mistletoe.
Mouse serves cakes and ale to hungry and thirsty travelers-from-afar......

Fun and games and loud music in the Play Room

By contrast: Calm & Quiet in the library

Angels have descended in the Studio, hoping to inspire Ms Smith whilst she's producing her latest creations

May you enjoy a Merry Christmas with your loved ones....and remember,
in the dark there is always a sparkle of *light*

Friday, 20 December 2019

almost Christmas

 Slowly but surely the Dwellers are getting ready for Christmas: there's a tree, there are candles, there's an angel at their table.....and we have posted well-wishes all over the place, we are even preparing a guest room!
There are starry lights, paper hearts,
wintry visitors in our midst.
And guess what?
The Spirit of Christmas arrived on time this year!

'are we really heading in the right direction?' a question I seem to be asking myself a lot lately, as the whole X-mas enterprise requires a lot organisation; I have asked my friends here to help out

We have made small paintings as possible gifts,
we have been wrapping teeny, tiny parcels
whilst singing carols with funny hats on, as well as studiously trying to ignore the rain and we all dream of snow, sleigh rides and skating on the lakes nearby. There's a great deal of rummaging for festive outfits, fancy table cloths, warm blankets, silver tableware;
not to mention extra toilet rolls, towels and toothpaste!
with such a full house there's just so much to remember
Fortunately I am not alone....I will be in my studio this weekend and hopefully a few of you will pop by for a visit

Sunday, 15 December 2019

tombola draw and an almost finished BirdQuilt!

the 13 names have gone into the cap!

the husband picked one as he rolled his eyes upwards....
and the winner is JOY!
@Joy please email your address to: 
saskiavanherwaarden@gmail.com and I will post the package asap
so another couple of birds will soon leave the nest

and now for something completely different

 tada! I am so happy it's (almost) done:
still a couple of loose ends to tidy up on the back and maybe, just maybe, I will add a running stitch here and there

the colourful front is a patchwork mix of cottons and linens, many of which have been donated  

the back, of which a tiny purple triangle can be glimpsed in the image above, was the original cheap shop-bought machine-sewn quilt; after years of use I was fed up with the patina of stains and dyed it a dark purple.....I tore out the diagonal quilting stitches and removed the bias binding; after having made the patchwork I ended up with these four layers: purple-dyed cotton, padding, purple-dyed cotton and the patchwork;
these were first roughly basted together with a long running stitch in all directions. Using a large quilting hoop, starting in the middel of course, I began quilting properly. Moving along in more or less straight lines with a running stitch up-and-down, and left-to-right. 
I finally used the diamond-shaped marks left from the machine stitching and this made for some interesting intersecting lines all over

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Early Christmas Tombola

'Moon rising over Tree of Life with a pair of love-birds watching’
yes, it's that time of year folks....
December can be a very expensive month, so I have decided to help you out by:
1. giving away this Small Pillow*
2. offering a 10%discount on all art work, see what's for sale over on the websitehttps://saskiavanherwaarden.nl/en/

Each pillow is handmade using (old) natural fibre fabrics I source from my own cupboards and donations from generous cloth-lovers spread across our planet; I prefer working with cotton, linen and silk; some pieces of cloth have been hand-printed with commercial textile inks and/or home-dyed using plant-based dyes; my favourite stitches are the running stitch, thread beads and simple stars. Each pillow is stuffed with snippets of old clothing and leftovers.
ca 2 x 11 x 14 cm

* how to join in the tombola:
all you have to do is leave a comment below, entries open till next Saturday 14 December Midnight!
On Sunday 15 December I will announce the winner. I will copy your names on snippets of paper, throw them all into my Tweed cap, shuffle and shake, close my eyes & pick one at random....

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

dark & light

I just love the bare skeletal branches this time of year,
how, on a sunny day, the air is crisp and feels unpolluted...
just by being outdoors your senses are uplifted, so you return home energized and ready for the day

ha, after weeks of switching between fiddling on the laptop building my website and patiently stitching the BirdQuilt, I felt the urge for something quick and got to painting and drawing in East-Indian ink, my favourite medium in high school: I used to draw black&white birds with my Schaeffer fountain pen; I must try and find where I stashed them