tombola draw and an almost finished BirdQuilt!

the 13 names have gone into the cap!

the husband picked one as he rolled his eyes upwards....
and the winner is JOY!
@Joy please email your address to: and I will post the package asap
so another couple of birds will soon leave the nest

and now for something completely different

 tada! I am so happy it's (almost) done:
still a couple of loose ends to tidy up on the back and maybe, just maybe, I will add a running stitch here and there

the colourful front is a patchwork mix of cottons and linens, many of which have been donated  

the back, of which a tiny purple triangle can be glimpsed in the image above, was the original cheap shop-bought machine-sewn quilt; after years of use I was fed up with the patina of stains and dyed it a dark purple.....I tore out the diagonal quilting stitches and removed the bias binding; after having made the patchwork I ended up with these four layers: purple-dyed cotton, padding, purple-dyed cotton and the patchwork;
these were first roughly basted together with a long running stitch in all directions. Using a large quilting hoop, starting in the middel of course, I began quilting properly. Moving along in more or less straight lines with a running stitch up-and-down, and left-to-right. 
I finally used the diamond-shaped marks left from the machine stitching and this made for some interesting intersecting lines all over


Liz A said…
Joy! How perfectly perfect!

And the edging on the Bird Quilt ... I especially like the vari-colored left and right sides ... more joy!
Marti said…
Joy , well this is just terrific. Joy is so wonderful for this time of the year and if you think about it, Joy is wonderful any time of the year. Congratulations to Joy and thank you Saskia for having the drawing and for continuing to bring joy to all of us with your creativity.
Saskia said…
ha yes Liz, I call those the Rainbows, always feels good to be embraced by them;-)
absolutely Marti, joy wherever whenever with whomsoever.....
Nancy said…
Congrats to Joy! I love this cheery winter Bird quilt! The colors are so grand, different than your usual, which is no less wonderful of course. But these birds and colorful prints and ribbons of colors on each side, but can't help to make me smile :)
Joy said…
Unless there is another 'JOY' in your hat, I will assume I've won your sweet little pillow! Thank you so much, I will find the perfect home for it. If you don't mind, I have to share a story about my name... I have 3 older brothers, and when my mother gave birth to me, her first and only girl on December 22, she named me 'Joy' because she was so thankful and joyful towards God for giving her a baby girl. Thank you again.
Mo Crow said…
(((Saskia))) your Bird Quilt is a beauty!
Saskia said…
Lovely Ladies: the silly season full of frivolities and cheerful nonsense is upon us, a time of year I love indulging in making everything bright and colourful, especially when the days are grey and all too often darken so very early.....a time also for sharing and giving, so I was very happy to give a SmallPillow away.....Congratulations especially to Joy! The Small Birds have flown off, they were both quite nervous about the long journey ahead and at the same time excited they were actually heading for the States, a Big Country they have heard about a lot; please take care of them as they are delicate critters, despite their bravado they are rather timid....but you will learn all about them first-hand!
to all of you faithful viewers I wish you a Jolly time together with family, friends and loved ones, and we will see each other here and all over blog-land soon
Sue McQ said…
Saskia...what a lovely, soft, quilt. My kind of quilt...simple loveliness! Congrats to Joy!
Saskia said…
thanks Sue, it was a joy to work on



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