dark & light

I just love the bare skeletal branches this time of year,
how, on a sunny day, the air is crisp and feels unpolluted...
just by being outdoors your senses are uplifted, so you return home energized and ready for the day

ha, after weeks of switching between fiddling on the laptop building my website and patiently stitching the BirdQuilt, I felt the urge for something quick and got to painting and drawing in East-Indian ink, my favourite medium in high school: I used to draw black&white birds with my Schaeffer fountain pen; I must try and find where I stashed them


Mo Crow said…
love these ink drawings and your winter light!
deemallon said…
These ink drawings are delightful!
Patty said…
I love the curly tails, long legs and big eyes and, because of these, know these creatures very well. More, more!
Love your drawings, always. each one is the beginning of a story
Nancy said…
Yes, that unpolluted feeling! Love how things are stacking up over at your place :) Your drawings are delightful!
Liz A said…
I've long been a fan of your Bremen-town musicians ... love the loose lines and soft colors in this latest iteration ...
Dana said…
What charming animals and birds! I love the loose loving eye and hand that produced them.
Saskia said…
the light is just so great Mo, on a sunny day that is; today it's coming down in buckets, no fun at all!
thanks Dee, they really lift me up and draw me into storytelling
I'll do my best Patty
true Grace, very true
am feeling energized Nancy, starting my own business for real has got me going full steam ahead
a couple of folks on Instagram have asked me about the Bremen-connection Liz, I must read the story again....never been there btw (good to have a like-minded fan, every time I visit your new place I see more & more to enjoy!)
aw Dana, that is so sweet of you, sending hugs your way



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