SHOP, small pillows & brooches

how it works:
you send an email to, naming the one you want to buy; I will confirm via mail asking your address and send a paypal request

first you see an image of the front of a Small Pillow, the title 
then the price in euro's
otherwise it has been sold!
followed by a picture of the back

note: the prices below do not include postage which can vary between 1.99 to 6.99 euro's for standard mail (registered mail up to 16,95 euro's) 

 brooches red/blue doggie 10 euro's a piece, some have a leaf on the back, others a spiral or a three fold symbol triskelion; the dogs are hand-cut lino's by me that is, the others are shop bought wood cuts, presumably also hand-made

 'slightly worse for wear' 30 euro's
what's unique about this one is the stuffing: actual bird's feathers, hence his surly demeanour

everything seems so very big and I feel very small
30 euro's

grey bird
heading for California

'I'm not dead' he says

Nope, you're not I think to myself, or I wouldn't have heard you

'I'm just lying here, looking up at the sky as it appears through the tree branches'

'What at?' I ask

'Nothing in particular, simply gazing and pondering, letting thoughts drift' he replies

'Pondering what exactly?'

'The state of things'

'Oh my, that sounds Big; what have you concluded?'

'They are in a Muddle'

'How so, and who are they?'

'All of us and well, there seems to be a lot of confusion nowadays'

'You don't say....'

'I do' the bird on his back tweets


'Just that; loads to examine these days, hence the lying about on one's back looking up'

'Ah, kind of makes sense; I guess you'll be doing that for quite some time then'

'I agree that will probably be the case' 

heading for California

breezy bird
standing firm
amidst the turmoil,

we had quite the Summer storm yesterday
he's still here
nice to know he is
moved to Amsterdam

'stargazing whilst exchanging chitchat'such happy birds; they are exchanging chitchat and the latest gossip concerning matters in the know how these things go: who's dating who? are there any break-ups.....who gets to sleep where? what's the latest in the new Customer Service Dept? do they get a lot of business or is everybody outdoors enjoying the sun? 
heading for California

flown west

'orange headed bird spreading LOVE'
heading for California

a very romantic bird (VRB): 'she loves me, she loves me not' he exclaims as he counts the stars and when the answer does not satisfy, he continues to count the fruits in the tree flown to our capital (in search of love.....)

Freckled Bird, he prefers the moon and the stars to bright sunshine, keep that in mind if you should wish to purchase him
flown to G.

GreenBirdie 'look at the stars falling from the skies' he cries
heading West to the East Coast

Naked Guy and PartyBird join forces; if you can stand the noise they call music they might be the small pillow for you
landed in G.

'black puppy with orange bird'
trotted off to a neighbour's house

Tiny BlueBird, too agitated to keep still,  he so desperately wants to get to the tree on the other side...
joined Naked Guy & Party Bird in G.

The Philospher, contemplating the world as it unfolds before him, before us all, withholding judgement, eating a fresh plum from time to time
flown south

the Two Moons, mother and daughter trees, or maybe mother and son, or even father and daughter; where the birds come to talk about what moves them, the stars come out at night and shine on the small fruits, twirling as they turn into blossom and eventually fade away....this one still needs it's stuffing
flown off in north-easterly direction

they gaze upward and at each other, sighing as only best friends can, content at being together not having to talk; a tree was added on the 'back' with a deep red heart celebrating friendship
flown west

Looking Outward
the birds both look away, outward to what they do not yet know, interested in their surroundings.....wanting to venture out and see what it is that is just around the corner....

30 euro's

'red bird looking for a mate'
30 euro's

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Sue McQ said...

Reminds me of lying on the grass staring up at the sky as a child. Birds can be quite wise. I continue to enjoy the little pillow I bought from you a few years ago. So sweet as you.