jon henrik fjallgren

Daniels Joik by Jon Henrik Fjallgren

lyrics in English;
Do you go with me still, my dear friend,
Although I no longer see you?
Are you still here on earth,
Just as you remain in my heart?
I lie there and ponder,
Its a deafly soundless around me.
The tears break through and falls,
In the memories of you.

An angel that was left behind,
Have now got its wings.
Where do you fly now, my angel?
Where do you fly now?

Are you flying through the pearly gates, tell me?
Or to the worlds end?
Are you flying beside me?
Or am I alone now?

Where ever you are my friend.
Where ever the path takes you.
Promise me you'll wait there,
Until we meet again.

I hope you're happy now.
As i was with you,
The pain you have suffered,
i hope its now gone.

Soar free, my dear friend.
You're free now.
And until we meet again,
Farewell, my angel

copied from you tube

joik is a traditional form of Sami song,  link here


Liz A said…
We are driving 1000 miles to see our new grandson and the Mystiqueros are playing ... And I'm thinking you are probably listening to them, too right now
Saskia said…
driving that distance? oh my lordy....yes, we've been to see them and just got back, it was GREAT and I did say hello from you and hello back to you too!! will post more with pics



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