westerly wind

'it's only rain' 

last night the westerly winds blew us, the husband and self, across the highways, along small winding roads, past many a roundabout to a small town called Nuenen, where we ended up in Arianne and Bart's house; together with thirty odd guests we enjoyed Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros first (living-room)concert of their Dutch 2014 tour!
thank you Liz for pointing me in their direction; despite never having met any of them before, it was like coming home, in fact it was such a wonderful adventure, we hope to repeat this amazing experience very soon.....

so Jimmy, Walt, Bill & Bart: as we had such a great time first time 'round, we'll be seeing you all next week in Giessen-Oudekerk for another performance!

artwork by (guitar) artist Dan Taylor

Bart de Win, musical magician

alas I failed to record the sound, but it's still a moveable feast

to hear what their music sounds like check out you tube/spotify etc plus their site, because they're worth it -

latest cd, more info on their website 

physical journeys, travels of the mind, meetings in blogland, different ways of connecting, of finding a safe place for your heart and soul, dreams continue and I do what I can each and every day; this Small Journey is slowly gathering pace....


Liz A said…
This may be a duplicate ... but my previous comment seems to have vaporized. Perhaps it just needs repeating:

This makes me so happy ... it's one amazing Small Journey!
Saskia said…
hi Liz, I said 'hi' from you to the guys, 'hi' back!
both the husband and self enjoyed ourselves so much, beyond anything we'd imagined, so again: thank you
jude said…
i like the alignment in the cloth
Saskia said…
how truly nice you noticed this Jude, I'm playing with this alignment idea in other small pieces, seems to be where I'm at these days
Mo Crow said…
thank you for sharing the music, love the connections all round the world & especially that star crossed lover of a moon in the mid left hand side panel in your cloth!
Debbie said…
Loving your small journey, from very small to where it is now.
Els said…
Thanks, that was fun ! (must have been for you too ...)

But a was curious because the name of the post : I drew Westerly Wind (Zephyros) on the same day ;-)
(vibes ?)
Nancy said…
Love intimate live music, art guitars, this cloth of yours...the moon in the middle cloth...and the connections I see between folks here :)



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