several small journeys

a tangle of cobwebs, some of them are the regular ones i.e. similar to a basket base, others are like bags or hammocks, I wonder if these are woven by different type(s) of spider:

 after breakfast Marjan, Django and I went for a walk along the Schoonrewoerd Wiel (lake)
of course Django went for a swim; the weather is amazingly warm and even though we were tempted we humans didn't enter the water, content in throwing sticks for retrieval and enjoying the occasional spatter from a shaking dog

a willow with additional life forms

 we came across an old orchard with old fashioned fruit trees (hoog stam) where one has to climb a ladder to pick the apples, as illustrated above; a group of elderly men were picking at a leisurely pace and although they did not offer us coffee, they did offer us each an apple

 two shirts I've been revamping: the top one's black (although it looks grey) and here I've removed the collar and half of the cuffs, these have all been kantha'd with a running stitch; there are lots of seams which I've emphasized with again running stitch with a couple of small journeys back & forth between the verticals; below is a linen shirt, already a good colour, here I've lengthened the sleeves with pinkish bits of cotton (still have to do more sewing there) and I've printed on the front and again added stitches to the collar, there's also a small boro scrap on the back where I tore the shirt, quite like that kind of accident.


Liz A said…
I can so relate to this ... every time I go in my closet, I come out with something else to stitch on!
Marti said…
A good walk and apples, well apples, pumpkins and falling leaves, all the spirit of autumn. And speaking of spirit, wonderful clothing redo. In the 2nd photo of the black shirt, the cuff has a spirit all it's own, the buttons look like two eyes...
the WEBS...what works of Wonder they are...the variety...i think different
kinds of spiders?, but really don't
know. Doesn't matter, they just are
and the
SHIRTS...the black of course i love
black and kantha....what could be
finer?, well maybe the print on the
These shirts are just FINE...i love
that you Just Go with them..
Susan said…
The shirts are wonderful. Lovely idea.
Debbie said…
Love what you are doing to the shirts and the spiderswebs, love the photos in the last post as well, it looks so beautiful where you live.
jan said… the work you've done on those shirts! Photos of you wearing them please! x
Saskia said…
replying back to front:
yes Jan a.s.a.p.
hi Debbie, it IS beautiful here
thank you Susan, both shirts were gifts
true Grace, it doesn't really matter, i do still wonder though....
oh Marti, Autumn has been generous to us this year
and lastly Liz: I know you do, admired your handiwork over on your blog.
Nancy said…
A walk. a dog and an apple...nice. The things with those webs is that there are so many right close together. Amazing really. Love the stitching on that first shirt...drawing the eye into the seams and more. Beautiful. And stamping and more on the your stamp work, as usual :)
Saskia said…
thank you as always Nancy; the hiking at this time of year is very fine indeed



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