how things might happen when you're not looking

this one decided to go on a small journey all of it's own, still a lot of stitching to do, but getting there


Els said…
Ha, if you should want to do that on purpose .... you probably wouln't succeed ;-)

Lovely stitching and weaving
Marti said…
Well of course this went on a journey, not small but wondrous because the rabbit is asking the elephant (impressions that I see from your markings), " I wonder how she got that rosy color on the weave that sort of wanders off..."!
Nancy said…
Well, imagine that! Look what became! I saw the elephant too :)
Julie S said…
Rabbit sneaking up on an apple.

These are like Rorshach tests!!!
Liz A said…
Well, maybe it's the time of year, but I could swear the rabbit is sitting next to a jackolantern
Love the cloth weave and stitches ...
Saskia said…
very true Els

Marti, did not see the elephant until you mentioned him; now he has become obvious even to me....
I started off seeing a fox on the left and a rabbit on the right!

then again Julie a huge apple on the right and now the rabbit has moved to the left,

and yet again the scene changes as the apple becomes a jackolantern, Liz

there is a story in there for sure, ladies



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