world's green & gray out there = graeyn

maybe this small cloth needs a bit of colour to cheer things up

Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros 'it's only rain'


Liz A said…
Graeyn ... what a great word
And look ... a gray eye, one of several, in line with the purple stripe in the cloth
I missed seeing it the first time (so taken was I with the "ladder"), but sure enough the eye is there along with echoes of itself
A wonderful wip ...
Marti said…
Sometimes we need a loud jolt of cheer, other times and this is one of them, we need a quiet cheer: the soft serene earthy colors with just a slight splash from the green and Django print is enough to cheer me...
Dana said…
The cloth has the same misty, rainy sensibility as the landscape, and the color of mushrooms.
Nancy said…
Now that is one large mushroom...almost as big as his head!! I'm seeing eyes of past beings in this cloth :)
Saskia said…
eyes, some of you see eyes, I hadn't, I almost always see moons.

Liz, re 'wip' (work-in-progress I guess) I had an inner giggle as wip in Dutch is see-saw or 'lay' as in the ruder version; so a wonderful wip must have been something really special haha, my first thought was: what on earth has this piece got to do with sex?

as you can see in the next post Marti I have kept the colours very subtle.

you know Dana I do believe the landscape influences me far more than I realize on a conscious level, it has permeated my being

you're right there Nancy, it was gigantic and still so fresh looking, very tasty I'ld say for those who can eat it



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