walking from and to the car

drove the car to Arkel yesterday, for two reasons mainly: change of tires (from summer to winter) and the yearly mandatory check-up, otherwise known as APK. Arkel's a nearby village, from our front door to the garage is a good 10 kilometres; piece of cake for us hikers, so after the drive, Django and I walked back home, basking in the glorious sunshine

we had to cross several bridges.....

 a couple of roads, dikes, bicycle paths and even a golf terrain...

 luckily for us there are a few off-the-road tracks for us to follow, often it was more a case of me following him, as Django would be running back and forth, back and forth, tirelessly

there were surprisingly few other people and/or dogs during the entire walk, I say surprising because the weather was superb; we did however bump into a friend who is the happy owner of two lovely border terriers; I immediately fell in love and as luck would have it, one of her dogs could even be pregnant; depending on how many puppies she might be carrying, we could possibly soon have two dogs instead of just the big black one! quite exciting

for him everything was new and therefore a big adventure, well worth inspecting

gate's still here

today we walked back to the car, the weather was still very nice, as was the walk; again hardly any other people or dogs along the foot path, although he definitely smelled something interesting here

half a year ago I made the same walk on my own, link here having Django accompany me is a lot more fun; have gone back to the post with the same walk and lo & behold, a print with a black dog, this was before Django's arrival, he must have been on my mind even then

.......and I'm feelin'good


jude said…
funny how it all goes
Saskia said…
it gets better, as I pored over the lyrics of 'feeling good' I noticed the lines 'bout the dragonfly & butterfly dancing in the sun, river running free, birds flying high, all of which I witnessed today and last night I experienced a really deep sleep, the song was my life today
Julie S said…
It must be glorious to be able to walk to/from chores. A sense of a complete world within reach. I am jealous.
Liz A said…
So much water ... you are fortunate to have such beauty close at hand. It makes me think of Elaine Morgan's book The Descent of Woman which theorizes that we love the water because it is the source of our human-ness.
Saskia said…
very true Julie, our's is such a small country, we think a two-hours-drive is a long way away; if and when we do drive 'the distance' we end up either in Germany or Belgium ('cept if caught in a traffic-jam, then you're stuck basically)
the walking is the best part of living here, any season, any weather, although the rains can be a bit of a drag.....however, as we say over here 'yer not made of sugar, so a little rain won't melt yer"
I envy your far horizons and empty spaces, all things have some cost, duh - she said in a kind but determined tone -

hi Liz, I haven't heard of her, must google immediately! I like the rivers and the idea of the sea close by as they bring a sense of space and light and they're always changing; I'm not a 'water-person' though, firmly rooted in the earth gazing from the shores at the watery surfaces
yes, that print. I've thought of it
and Dj often....as if he was always
there, waiting till you needed him.
And it's that same energy with Tay,
how Everything is Just GOOD with them.
not sure what kind of dog this new
one might be? ???????
Saskia said…
well the new one's not here just yet....maybe things'll change; very good thing Tay and Django are with us though
Marti said…
Django in the print, before he came to you, already he was rooted in the land, the green circle, the tree, it was meant...just like grace and Tay.
Liz A said…
Marti ... I keep seeing you on Grace's blog and now here ... please let me know your blog address (if you have one) so I can come visit
And thank you Saskia for enabling this connection
Liz A said…
Saskia ... totally changing the subject, but Jimmy Davis and some of the Mystiqueros will be playing with Bart de Win in the Netherlands the week of October 21st! If you go to see them (which would be so incredibly cool), please tell them I said "hi"
Els said…
Mmmmmm de rivieren ;-)

Nina : gewelgid filmpje erbij !!!
Mo Crow said…
love this walk in your watery land!
jan said…
Love the black dog/tree print, manifesting in Django's arrival! XX
Saskia said…
hello Liz, thanks for the tip; I've contacted Bart de Win and am waiting to hear if and when I could go to one of their performances, will be sure to say 'hi' from you! that would be cool.....

ja Els, die rivieren zijn prachtig en heerlijk voor mij als landrot om toch in de buurt te hebben, al was het maar zodat Django af en toe een frisse duik kan nemen.

hi Mo, very watery (she sighs...) and Green

morning Jan, when cutting the lino I was thinking of Tungsten (of course), but once printed and being black, it became far more related to the new-dog-in-town
Nancy said…
He sure is in his element, out there running and sniffing. I too love the print and how it came true.
Saskia said…
you know Nancy I didn't think a new dog could bring as much joy into our lives as Django does, but he does, yay!!!!!



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