Jimmy Davis' Lonely

not that I'm feeling lonely, far from it, it's just such a beautiful song matching the beauty of this landscape with a black dog in it


yvette said…
hoi, was even very afwezig....jouw zwarte hond?

Liz A said…
Love love love this song ... it pulls at my heartstrings and now I love it even more
Saskia said…
yep! nieuwe liefde in ons leven: hij heeft onze harten gestolen

thx Liz, I've been listening to many a mystiqueros/jimmy daddy davis/bill small/walt wilkins song this past week; had a week off office-work and apart from hikes with Django, I was bumbling about in the studio with the door open, the sun shining in and the music streaming from my laptop, it was a very good week!
deanna7trees said…
such wonderful images. a great setting to sit and become aware. especially love the reflections in the water.
Dana said…
At first glance I thought your pictures might be from the Skagit Valley here in Washington State, USA. The green fields under low hanging, misty clouds backlit by the sun are very similar, but we have nothing like the cement bridge/water level changing structure. What a lovely place to walk. Lucky dog!
Nancy said…
1st pic is amazing! And I love the one where he's gone across and is looking back at you, like "come on!" I like imagining you puttering about, music playing.



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