Thursday, 2 October 2014

frog on the water

huge tubes running the course of the vliet, they transport sludge from the waterways onto land, enabling waterways to hold more water; have not yet figured out what is done with the sludge

plop, plop, movement on the water: hopping frog

two more poem-cards


Liz A said...

I am loving your cards ... and thinking this is a wonderful way to send Small Journeys out into the world. Thank you for the inspiration!

Saskia said...

you're welcome Liz; will you show us your cards on your blog?

Nancy said...

Love seeing your lands of much water. And the poem cards...would love to read the poems :)

Saskia said...

water, water wherever you look in our bogland, haha; the poems have a separate page, I'll get translating a.s.a.p.!