Mystiqueros special song

cloth almost disappearing in to the back ground as well as echoing our walks together

both pieces are roughly basted



Liz A said…
I could listen to the Walt and the guys all night long, but we're heading out to hear Jamie Wilson and Radney Foster since you're keeping the MQs occupied in the Netherlands ...
I'm also very much liking the subtle colors in the Django cloth ... with just bits of blue/green ... it fits this time of year.
Saskia said…
went to see them last night in a village café near by, it was another enjoyable experience.
However, my ego took a mighty blow as they didn't recognize us at all, much to my surprise (the husband said it was only to be expected as they see hundreds of people, think nothing of it.....) I couldn't bring myself to go and say hello.

anyway, this did make me think and look at self once more: why do I care they don't know me from Eve? For one, last week I felt there was a connection and their music has inspired me this past week; secondly it's never nice being 'turned down' which I know it wasn't, but that's how it feels, this has nothing to do with them and everything with me: apparently I need the other person's recognition, phew tough nut to crack.

Yet again I have to review who I am and if what I think/feel in a certain situation is true/the same for the other person.

as you see, music can bring enlightenment;-)
Liz A said…
I know exactly how you feel ... we have seen the guys perform many, many times and sometimes they seem to notice us (particularly in small venues) and other times they look right through us. In fact, when you wrote that they said "hi" back, I figured Jimmy would know who we were since I had written to him recently, and maybe Bill ... but I'm quite sure Walt didn't have a clue who we were.

For better or worse, the fact is I do care if someone notices me or not. Case in point: I gave up on my blog for a couple of years because no one ever commented. Now that I have found my kindred spirits, I am much more motivated to take the time to write.

So I think it's human nature ... we all love to be recognized, even or perhaps especially when we're introverts. I'm disappointed right along with you that it didn't happen the second time you went to see the guys perform ... and I too wouldn't have been able to go up and re-introduce myself.

But their music and their lyrics are worth the price of admission ... so many good songs, so much inspiration. I hope that stays with you!
Saskia said…
dear Liz, thank you for your heartfelt and understanding response!
It was indeed Jimmy who knew you.

the whole 'episode' has made me look at myself, and after peeling away the painful layers I came to the insight that what was bugging me was the fact that I had been blown off balance, completely: I was doubting if how I perceived the world, my relations to other people, was in fact true. So I had a good long walk with a friend and in the afternoon went to my favourite bookstore and chatted and helped out and I came to the conclusion that people who matter to me do care about me, it is real.
And then I open my blog and find your comment: the icing on the cake, an affirmation that I wasn't imagining things.

Of course I'll keep on listening to their music, have in fact bought three CD's (one of the Mystiqueros' and two of Jimmy's ) I love their music and another good thing that has come out of all of this turmoil (such a big word for my emotional soul searching) is that we will now go to more concerts, something we (the husband and me) hardly did, but we have discovered we love it so much. Will post as soon as we've been

Again thank you Liz for taking the time to respond in such a considerate and heartwarming way.
Liz A said…
You're so welcome ... I'll look forward to hearing about your musical jaunts. Don had to talk me into going out Thursday night, but once we were there I was so glad ... there's nothing like hearing the story behind a song from the person who wrote it!
Nancy said…
I am so fascinated by the misty soft gray-greens of your land, punctuated with the sharp, well-defined crispness of dear Django and a clear-cut opening in the trees.
YES YES YES to these cloths!!! I love them and wonder if they will hold hands and come together?
As far as the soul searching comments...both you and Liz have good points. I would have felt the same, especially (I think) because of the 'introvert' card...I am all about individual connections! They matter to me, which is why I would have felt hurt or confused, at best. What helps is I know a few musicians and realize that it is just a part of the beast, they could never know (remember) everyone they see at a gig. It's just the way it is.
Saskia said…
'tis the way it is Nancy, of course the grown-up part of me understands; I have yet again learned a thing or two 'bout self these past days - which is always a good thing - and as Jimmy 'daddy' Davis' voice, his music (which I can listen to over and over again 'cos I now own 2 of his cd's) is utterly amazing and what matters......it's on most of the time, so soon I'll be singing his songs, whether my family likes it or not!
I love how the cloth colours echo the landscape and are from the landscape, as they were dyed with local plants, everything connecting here.....



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