sunshine on friday

'down where the river flows' we went for a walk this morning....Django had lots of fun

vlasleeuwenbekje - linaria vulgaris - common toadflax

treated self to note book with 'wanderful' motto, bought in favourite bookstore 'de mandarijn' 
now all I have to do is fill it with wandering wonderfulness


two kinds of Fridays....

there is toadflax here too
why did you take it away?
Saskia said…
hi Grace, I don't understand your question.....
oh...this is really funny....i came back to read again the words you wrote about
not being recognized by the band and
the "post" was "Gone". This was
after a strange little nap of maybe 5
minutes...and what happened is that
i DREAMED a whole post with pics.
Dreamed it up. So when i went to look for it i didn't look in the comments...
I thought you had deleted the Post!
I need to quit dreaming.

Mo Crow said…
love those silver greys
Saskia said…
I agree Mo, the waters in this autumnal light are shimmering, quick silvery ribbons; I love the sensation of wide vistas the wide rivers in our lowlands offer

aha Grace, I get confused too, with or without a 5 minute nap
Nancy said…
The colors, so must be a stark scene with a splashing dog!! He looks to love the water. I had a Lab/German Shorthair, Mariah...she loved the water!
And now, I am up to date, she says with a satisfied smile :)
Julie S said…
I am always throwing sticks in the water for my dogs and they are always saying, "hey lady, get a yourself a retriever or something" before they run in the other direction.
Julie S said…
So Grace, what did Saskia take away???
nothing!, see comment above.
I just DREAMED it.
jude said…
dogs love the water. i like that about them. I always watch folks with their dogs down by the sea.
Saskia said…
yes you are Nancy, now all I have to do is return the favour;-)

why Julie you have very articulate dogs!

this dog Jude, he makes me so happy, especially close to water
Liz A said…
When asked to name my favorite book, The Fellowship of the Ring has been my answer for over 40 years ... I even used this quote in my high school yearbook.
So, happy wandering ... I hope you will share some of your pages
Saskia said…
aha Liz, so that's the book the quote comes from, I did look into the trilogy to see if I could locate the exact page/chapter etc, nope! so thank you and of course I'll share as long as it's worth it......



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