Wednesday, 29 February 2012

slowly emerging

I have noticed several things: maybe starting  with such a large quilt was overly ambitious....however I am determined to finish this piece before I start a new one (have several ideas in my head). It's not easy stitching straight lines.....although I do see improvement, one stitch at a time. Different types of cloth create different challenges, such as more or less tension. I cannot quilt with a thimble and my righthand middle finger is toughning up. Quilting by hand is time consuming in a good way, and helps relax my mind. I like it.

Monday, 27 February 2012

oil and wood

some years back, for some reason I wanted to paint lace like flowers 
I like to think of this as a tree doodle; I just love painting in oils on wood

this piece was inspired by a postcard of an antique golden bird my dad sent me after graduatiing from art college, wishing me a flight into a golden future;
since starting the blog I now try to take as many pics as I can when visiting folks who own my work, for posting and for keeping a personal track record.

Pieces made from 2005 and onwards, oil on wood, various sizes, 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Saturday, 25 February 2012

lots of stitches & snowdrops

so pretty

I'm starting to really enjoy this piece, animals have started to appear, sprouting from plants and bits of fabric; I glue the tiny bits of fabric so they don't move around too much while stitching

Thursday, 23 February 2012

canada goose

back home, I find this goose our eldest son has made, 
I simply love it.

whilst visiting my parents I took some pictures

A couple of vases my father made

and here are some dolls' dresses my mother knitted

...........more pictures, cupboard of life

these are pictures of a cupboard I made for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary last year; how to summarize a life, impossible of course, there is the symbolism of a tree of life with three large fruits, their offspring and 7 smaller ones, the grandchildren; the inside is wall-papered with maps of Denmark and the Netherlands, their respective birthcountries; on top the sun is my father and the moon is my  mother, surrounded by 7 stars the grandchildren, the booklet is the short story of their lives. On the door I 'embroidered' 50 semi-precious stones to represent 50 years of a life shared, more can be added......two love birds protecting their nest; the small knitted dress is a tribute to all the dresses my mother knits for her granddaughters' dolls. The mermaid and two birds are an echo of a mural my father painted at our house in Brigg U.K. 2011

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

newspaper clippings

32.000 year old seed blooming

collage with tea-stained newspaper and tulip/anemone leaves;
images of places I have never visited, a prehistoric forest, peoples faces long gone, yesterday's news, all for a moment important and now ready to be thrown away....and the simple beauty of a 32.000 year old seed scientists have been able to bring back to life, the endless cycle seems mysterious because I don't have all the facts, but the answers are out there, if I look hard enough.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

lots of small stitches

lost in the garden of eden

she took a bite from the apple and saw her nakedness;
she had to learn how to sew and how to weave;
knowledge instead of ignorance, she started asking questions and never stopped looking for the answers;
title: all is not lost (only an easy entrance into paradise)

I call this one 'melancholy' because of the dog drifting in the boat; I used cut outs from the same painting as  above
 mixed media 14x32 cm 2008-2012, 
I pulled out several warp/weft threads from the  the bits of linen canvas and  'rewove' with threads from the jeans materials used on the sides

 only afterwards did I notice the leaves on the fabric, not fig leaves, more like oak leaves
mixed media 35x35 cm 2008-2012;

Saturday, 18 February 2012

change = growth ?

I find myself being able to let go more whilst painting, less control; I'm painting without my reading glasses........seeing less, seeing more, less = more
am not quite sure where all this is heading, am curious, on a road of discovery

first nine patch

dreamt about this last night, yesterday's piece needs a nine patch, not the layered patch I sewed onto it ;  will continue later on, have some errands to run

this ia how it turned out; I used three cloths I dyed last autumn, the grey cotton one is a combination of blue and black commercial dye and the brown linens are a walnut dye ( again a first); I found the technique of piecing and stitching a nine patch over on Jude Hill's  I cannot remember exactly where, as I saw the video a couple of months ago.

Friday, 17 February 2012

making it up as I go along

yesterday's quilting marathon inspired me to return to another 'patchwork'- oldie of mine; this is what's left of an oil painting I made in 2008 and (obviously) didn't like too much, so I cut it up and sewed a selection of squares together; it used to measure 50x60 cm and now measures 35x35 cm and has deeper sides, 5 cm; I made a stretcher and used jeans cloth for the sides.  After these alterations it was left untouched, until today that is: several squares were damaged by the assault and these have been covered with a layering of cloth on the right and a white patch on the left which can still be lifted to reveal a partial Eve, who has turned rather bashful, in the right hand corner I 'un'covered two masklike faces, inspired by Dee 's post over on
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Thursday, 16 February 2012

no longer a quilting virgin

hurray my first bit of Quilting

the friendly lady in the shop, De Schapekop, gave me lots of advice on how to sow the front, the batting and the back all together ' always work from the middle! '  so I went home with the new tools ( a long needle, a ring, a  quilting thimble, quilting thread and the batting) and started by moving a cupboard out of the way and vacuuming so I could lay out the back sheet on the floor, fixed that with tape and then on went the batting and then the top patchwork sheet and I started to sow them all together 'always working from the middle!' until all was more or less neatly joined together and finally I could start quilting; again starting in the middle and using the wooden ring to help me along, patience and determination are a must.

the rebirth of red and white

reminds me of an embryo

a red and white patchwork (machine-stitched) duvet cover, made about 7 years ago; my sister-in-law gave me a box full of leftover bits, oddly enough lots of reds and pinks; not my usual colours but I do like the result in combination with the white. The cover is too small for our new duvet (the 25+ year old one was just too thin) and I have decided to use it for a quilt, which I'm going to make with the very useful and clear instructions over on Serena Potters's site,

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

say it with flowers

still together after 20 years
he still buys me flowers
 still feel loved

a ring of hearts

for those who know I love them and for those who don't

heart-shaped pebbles found on East-Jutland beach, summer 2010, 

Monday, 13 February 2012