...........more pictures, cupboard of life

these are pictures of a cupboard I made for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary last year; how to summarize a life, impossible of course, there is the symbolism of a tree of life with three large fruits, their offspring and 7 smaller ones, the grandchildren; the inside is wall-papered with maps of Denmark and the Netherlands, their respective birthcountries; on top the sun is my father and the moon is my  mother, surrounded by 7 stars the grandchildren, the booklet is the short story of their lives. On the door I 'embroidered' 50 semi-precious stones to represent 50 years of a life shared, more can be added......two love birds protecting their nest; the small knitted dress is a tribute to all the dresses my mother knits for her granddaughters' dolls. The mermaid and two birds are an echo of a mural my father painted at our house in Brigg U.K. 2011




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