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‘My past meshes with my present’ a quote by Anne Truitt, which I found in Judy’s journal and the phrase buzzed in my head and turned into this:

 As a child I started making; I made drawings and earrings and clothes and things, without too much thought. During and after Art School I learned how to paint with oils, on canvas and wood and this became my Art and all the other things I made were separate, the patchwork (table)cloths, the earrings, the doodles and knitted socks, the experimenting with embroidery, the decorative painting on furniture, mosaics and so on. I wanted to fuse these separate ways of expression and somewhere in 2007-2008  I began sewing on my paintings with embroidery thread and sequins, cutting them up and re-using bits, I had no idea there might be anyone out there up to anything similar, nor did that matter, I just had to do it.
Last year I decided it was time to start a blog, and before I did I ‘discovered’ a world of like-minded people, looking and making and and sharing their knowledge and worlds, and for me it is a new phase on my journey; at times I feel I’m plodding and then all of a sudden there is a new viewpoint and I am rewarded with fresh insights and glimpses of truth…and in my studio I feel more connected, within and without,  and as I grow older I realise that I will continue the making (because I have to ) with more seeing and feeling than before and less inhibiting thought(s). I’ll keep on making mistakes and (un)learning from them and keep on looking, listening and asking questions, (un)doing, uncovering.


Judy Martin said…
How lovely to read this post.
Saskia said…
oh thank you, it felt like a confession of sorts; how lovely of you to leave this comment.
Anonymous said…
this doesn't read as 'confession' so much as manifesto, or words more to my liking: 'consecration'. I like to think that aging offers the opportunity that you describe - to more fully express oneself, with less inhibition, with more tools... the power of the internet in terms of community has been of unbelievable importance to me as well! so glad to 'know' you!!!
Saskia said…
a manifesto or consecration, I very much like the sound of that!
and very glad to know you too



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