the rebirth of red and white

reminds me of an embryo

a red and white patchwork (machine-stitched) duvet cover, made about 7 years ago; my sister-in-law gave me a box full of leftover bits, oddly enough lots of reds and pinks; not my usual colours but I do like the result in combination with the white. The cover is too small for our new duvet (the 25+ year old one was just too thin) and I have decided to use it for a quilt, which I'm going to make with the very useful and clear instructions over on Serena Potters's site,


Anonymous said…
this is beautiful!

please if i can help or send you anything you need let me know.

you are a very talented artist. i'm glad you shared this.
Saskia said…
oh thank you Serena, and you are a talented teacher, quiltmaker and writer from what I've seen and read.



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