no longer a quilting virgin

hurray my first bit of Quilting

the friendly lady in the shop, De Schapekop, gave me lots of advice on how to sow the front, the batting and the back all together ' always work from the middle! '  so I went home with the new tools ( a long needle, a ring, a  quilting thimble, quilting thread and the batting) and started by moving a cupboard out of the way and vacuuming so I could lay out the back sheet on the floor, fixed that with tape and then on went the batting and then the top patchwork sheet and I started to sow them all together 'always working from the middle!' until all was more or less neatly joined together and finally I could start quilting; again starting in the middle and using the wooden ring to help me along, patience and determination are a must.


Drucilla said…
oh my goodness - you have done so much! i found your blog from serena's and thought i'd come and see your progress... and you have an entire pieced top! and it is so lovely.
Saskia said…
yes I do, but that top piece is old news....I made that ca.7 years ago (see previous posts) and I wanted to reuse it and thanks to internet found Serena who serendipitously (ha what a word) has just started her teachings on quilting
Anonymous said…

always work from the middle. you're doing terrific.

i do not know how much instruction you have had already so if you need any help please ask or email.

i am here and happy to help any way that i can!
deanna7trees said…
great job. so satisfying when things are finally coming together.
stitchinglife said…
I really like the little splashes of blue among the red and white. You're doing a great job there.



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