making it up as I go along

yesterday's quilting marathon inspired me to return to another 'patchwork'- oldie of mine; this is what's left of an oil painting I made in 2008 and (obviously) didn't like too much, so I cut it up and sewed a selection of squares together; it used to measure 50x60 cm and now measures 35x35 cm and has deeper sides, 5 cm; I made a stretcher and used jeans cloth for the sides.  After these alterations it was left untouched, until today that is: several squares were damaged by the assault and these have been covered with a layering of cloth on the right and a white patch on the left which can still be lifted to reveal a partial Eve, who has turned rather bashful, in the right hand corner I 'un'covered two masklike faces, inspired by Dee 's post over on
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Anonymous said…
Hi Saskia,

Nice too see what you were talking about. I think it's addictive.

Saskia said…
yes I guess it is, thanks for visiting and leaving your comment!
Anonymous said…
Saskia said…
thanks, although it has changed since your comment......the colours in yesterday's post are more like the real thing; less bright
Saskia said…
when I say 'yesterday' I mean sunday feb.19

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