Friday, 6 September 2019

lots of Small Pillows

'he sings his song
the long night long
she never knows
how much he glows
because of her, because of her

'a tragic love story, or is it?
the birds strut their stuff and wag their tails at each other...forgetting there is a mountain between them, so neither one can see the other....what a shame! their hearts aflutter with longing....but then, hurtling through the skies a small box full of Jude's black&white magic, trailing threads of potential....who knows where those threads might lead.......'

'it was hot outside, very very hot
despite that
I wanted to sew so badly,
I chose cool cool colours,
my fingers managed to hold on to needle & thread
despite the constant drip of sweat'

I made many mistakes with this one, f.e. way too many thread-beads in way too many colours and way too many running stitches, instead of invisible basting; so there was a lot of un-stitching, leaving puncture marks in the delicate fabric
I reconfigured the 2 top left patches
added tiny dark blue crosses, yellow stars and red pinpricks
with one central red dot

what I love most about this one is the corner I had to add on as the 2 layers of fabric didn't quite measure up

practicing 9patches and Small Patches
homework from
Jude's latest class

I first made the larger version of 'portable rainbow'

The OldBirdKing liked it so much, he asked : 'I really like this portable rainbowSaskia, could you make me one as well?'

'but of course OBK' I replied, 'I would be honoured.'