Thursday, 4 October 2018

painting, gluing, wall papering, sewing, choosing, repeat

It all started with the corner kitchen cupboard, the quarter circle shaped one. I blame it on our eldest son. You see whenever he comes home, he starts unloading his stuff on the kitchen table, his laptop being the most important item, apart from his mobile, of course.

Anyway, the situation in our household is thus: we’re strapped for space (I know everybody says that, but we really are, house-floorspace amounts to appr. 85m²/915sqft, which obviously does not include the studio, or garden or garden shed etc, kind of small living avant la lettre) and in the kitchen the corner cupboard houses a socket, so when our eldest sits at aforementioned kitchen table, he needs juice for his laptop and the cupboard doors open, to a Black Hole. I had at an earlier time repainted the outside, a high gloss white, contrasting even more now with the interior look. I was so fed up with this dark corner sucking up all the light and looking so uninviting and gloomy……..So I bravely decide to paint the inside a pale chalk blue; I say decide as if I had chosen the colour, which I hadn’t beforehand. I can only choose when in the store with the actual pots of paint there before my very eyes…..and after a lot of deliberating, doubting, walking back and forth, I all of a sudden make up my mind and pick the colour! Of course once back home, I’m second guessing my choice, but having lost my receipt, ignore these feelings and carry on boldly: first removing everything from the cupboard, yikes, cleaning, painting everything a glossy white – only because I still had some -  as I am pretty sure the pale blue will not cover the blackness, finally, after two layers of blue life in the kitchen has improved, not least because all the plates, cups, bowls et al can go back in! The men in my household are very patient.
Now that I have the paints out and am in painting mode, I am also painting door frames and windowsills, kind of at random, but hey, lightening up the house…..lightening up my mood to boot.
The loo-door gets a different treatment: wall-paper-gluing newspaper articles of interest plus a couple of photo’s I like. All of this is leading up to where I am today: in the midst of redecorating and restyling The Dwelling!
Sweet Otter just carries on sleeping where ever!

Some of the stuff is neatly stored in these containers

a reminder of what OBK's room looked like.....

some (I'm not naming names) try to carry on as of nothing is happening and they don't offer to help

maybe I won't repaint every room, 

then again, I think I have

more and more, the beings drift all over the studio; things start to get messy, disorganized, unruly......duh, this is just a phase I say to self

aha, a hole in OBK's wall; Julie got me thinking about their need for privacy, so I am making a bedroom for him behind this wall! 

a small terrace, at last a small space has achieved some sort of peace 

the state of the studio this afternoon, me in near panic mode: will it ever get done? if so, when?

yes, a proper doorway has been made for OBK

a wall hanging for his bedroom, recognize this Jude?

here He is, lying on his new bed, allowing us a sneak preview