an imperfect life is perhaps the perfect life

I think for now I'm done with this painting, a work in progress was the working title; I've decided to name it 'an imperfect life is perhaps the perfect life' as it has been an ongoing project since 2008 and has stood by me in all kinds of weather and moods, hard and happy times. In it are images of daily chores, our house hidden by snow, (imaginary) animals, the dog of course, trees....emotion, frustration; it is also about paint and thread and canvas and time, stepping back and looking, leaving alone for a while and coming back. It is about acceptance of what I can do now, in this moment. In short, my life's ingredients, a life that is imperfect and at the same time perfect for it is the only one I am able to live
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jude said…
i like how the elements move through the frame.
Nancy said…
Love the layered feel.



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