next step: weaving


Marti said…
I've always liked the combination of brown and blue, earth and sky.
Debbie said…
This is so beautiful, I love the soft colours and your last post also loved the cloth and the view of your studio.
I often get periods of stuckness but everything becomes clear eventually, the studio has gathered dust has footprints on the floor from pacing back and forth but then suddenly inspiration strikes and activity has taken over.
Mo Crow said…
love the weaving of the pattern
& re stuckness, this artist's statement by Christian Boltanski always inspires;
"I come to my studio every day at 10.30, and I stay and do nothing. I go to Paris sometimes. I have a few ideas. To be very pretentious, sometimes I believe it is mystical. Sometimes you find nothing, and then you find some-thing you love to do. Sometimes you make mistakes, but some-times it's true. In two minutes, you understand what you must do for the next two years. Sometimes it's in the studio, but other times it's walking in the street or reading a magazine. It's a good life, being an artist, because you do what you want".

i would be SO excited to stitch
this..a very FINE weaving...
the stitching will add even more
Nancy said…
Wow! This is amazing! Can't wait to see the evolution as you stitch it.
Saskia said…
hello to you all!
thanks for your encouraging comments, I too look forward to how it might evolve, it does look promising......will keep y'all posted;-)



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