open for business, plus addendum

copious amounts of coffee and tea have kept me going (and the very occasional glass of red wine) as I have been VERY BUSY
not just with the quilting as can be seen in hazy image below, but drrrrummmmmrrrrrroll with setting up my business for real and making a site with the help of our son!

addendum: you can check out the website in Dutch: 'De Kunst van het Opruimen' or in English:  'The Art of Tidying Up

Most pages are by now both in Dutch and English.

You can also click on the Blue Tangible Memory, with a link to the English version in the side bar on the right and off you go


EEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i await translation!!!
Mo Crow said…
this is fabulous (((Saskia))) and google translate works for now!
Marti said…
Congratulations Saskia on your new business. What a well designed, flowing website, well thought out, well planned and very inviting. I was especially taken with the FAQ section. Simply the sharing that you have done about your life is an excellent invitation to potential clients; a very good way to communicate and connect.

I translated the Tidying Up Section and you show such good business sense: the initial first meeting, the consultation is free and that is always a draw. I was immediately taken by this sentence in how you will operate:"...a different layout is enough to have a tidy feeling". This is brilliant because there may be those clients who really don't want to get rid of much but feel overwhelmed with what they have. You last column shows that this will not be a dry exchange, you and your client will work together and in so doing, a "Tangible Memory" will be created. By mentioning that you would like to include these in the book you will write, you have placed yourself in a very unique marketing position, one that goes beyond someone who comes in and revamps a home. Instead, you create a shared consultancy by engaging the client beyond the list of chores to tidy up their homes.

I wish you every success, you are on your way!
Dana said…
Yay Saskia! Congratulations on the launch of your business. I went to your site, did Google translate and found it to be very beguiling. I am anxious to see how it expands and changes as you get it going.
Saskia said…
hello to you kimd ladies! thx for your words of encouragement....I have started translations, which should be visible to you: in the right hand corner down below there should be two flags popping up: one Dutch, one English! so you can choose
please let me know if this actually works, or not.....I have put a lot of effort in the translating these last couple of days, as I found googletranslate a tad disappointing...bye for now
Patty said…
Wonderful new website! Congratulations, I predict your success in connecting with folks who will want your work in their homes.
Marti said…
Saskia, I did use google to translate. I've gone to your web site's intro page and the English button works but I could not get it to work on the Tidying Up section.
Saskia said…
hi Marti, thanks for your feedback.....I haven't translated the tidying up page yet as I doubt I'll be tidying up abroad any time soon (traveling expenses would rather put folks off, hahaha;-))
Ms. said…
Bravo the new and many thanks for sharing.
Saskia said…
eeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Grace, it's very exciting
((Mo)) thanks, finally got things moving my way, it has been a long journey!
Thank you Marti for your extensive and considered comment; there are still issues with the site, fortunately I have my job-coach helping me sort things out, like 'search keywords' et cetera. Stuff I had no idea until recently.
Thank you Dana, I'm looking forward to meeting new clients and getting to know them.
hi Patty, yes I agree my future clients will have a distinguishing eye;-)
thanks Michelle and you are welcome!
Debbie said…
Hi Saskia, your website looks great, I went straight to the english version. Hope it works well for you.
Saskia said…
thanks Debbie for visiting my site and leaving your kind comment, I have improved the links in this post after the first comments! always room for improvement I guess;-)
Nancy said…
Oh my! Saskia...may your business bloom and grow as have all of your other endeavors!! My heart quickens when I see all that you have to share with the world, plus all that already have. My heart stops when I see The Dwelling :) May the world embrace you as we all have! xo
Saskia said…
well Nancy I hope the world embraces me too, as long as it doesn't squeeze too hard;-) all joking aside, you are one of my biggest fans and I am deeply grateful for that....your words of encouragement and support have kept me going! Xx



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