weven = to weave

I was reminded of this quote through Grace's post over at Windthread; it has been with me a while now dating back to my mid-twenties when I was looking for real truths, directives on how I should be living my life, hoping somebody wiser than self could show me the way....we all know how that ends; I'm not sure I get the quote...'to thine own self be true' I mean obviously I get it, but also, what is my true self, is this not a constantly changing and evolving (group of) entities; I am no longer the person I was in my twenties (thank the goddesses) I am no longer the laughing child in her tub in the pic - and how serendipitous is that?! seeing self as a very happy being, having been pointed in this direction by Grace's post, what a delightful reminder of former self - how grateful I am to my dad for capturing this moment in time; at least there is that

a white cotton hand-me-down shirt has been wrapped 'round a variety of wild flowers, compacted into a bundle held with elastic bands; the flowers are from an exquisite bunch friend J. gave me last week, added to the mix: sweet chestnut catkins (or whatever they're called) dropping in abundance these days, avocado peels & pits, bottle caps, copper pipe, coins, left-over solar-dye fluids, topped off with rainwater and just a little boiling water to get things brewing; will leave for as long as I'm capable of keeping away!
 a dog in the house means not only furry love has entered into one's home; oh no, Django has shown himself to being quite the collector, he's not much of a curator though, we find his treasures literally everywhere he can get under or into; above we have a random configuration of his latest finds, some more useful than others, now if he could also provide us with the shoe that goes with the inner sole f.e. he could prove he really is a retriever, ha
snail trail art: the dog now seems to be trying to lasso the bird out of the tree

 images of the organized chaos in the studio, we're into considering weave over in class at Jude's; I invested in several differently sized embroidery hoops, more threads (also some linen ones, will post on those later) much needed pins & needles, plus some fun woven buttons for class (extra dosh thanks to a nice surprise on my tax return)

 this place sums up part of who I am, what I do, am into...yet it is of course incomplete; I'm also part-time coach, full-time mother, wife, lover; basically I'm unfinished business....


Marti said…
"unfinished business"- yes, I am unfinished business and hope to be so until my physical body is no longer here. Unfinished business means that we leave ourselves open to more and new interests, endeavors, challenges and most of all, experiences. Many years ago I read a quote by a healing expert, Dr. Bernie Siegel who said, " It is the experience of living that is important, not searching for meaning. We bring meaning by how we love the world."
Marti said…
And just to say that I am ready with jar and spoon to dip into your dye "soup." Love how varied and filled it is. This is indeed the dye witches cauldron and it is brimming with soon to be seen delights...organic alchemy is the greatest**
Mo Crow said…
love how you are weaving all the different threads of your life into this post
Saskia said…
of course Marti, eeeeeeeeeeeee to quote a mutual friend...staying interested in the world, our world, loving it until our last breath; what else is there

ha Mo, the weaving is such a lovely metaphor for a life being lived
yes...i keyed into the Unfinished
Business too. So maybe it's to
whatever our unfinished selves are in any given moment...to be True
to That. it's the feltsense always and that changes as we go and to this own self, that is in flux, not the one of yesterday even.

I think the intent of the original
line was different, but it remains as a potent suggestion.
Debbie said…
great post, I think we are all works in progress, love seeing pictures of where you work your studio is so interesting.



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