a very hot day

first plum dye result

second plum dye: first it turned bright pink, after washing with water and soap, sky blue; clamp-resist in avocado-concoction plus metal plus Heat, we're experiencing a heat wave which works wonders for the dyeing, wow

more bits into plum-avocado dye rusty container

cotton wrapped 'round plum dregs: pink
blue linen trousers here soaking up the plum juices, has been washed once and gone back into plum-avocado-pusty container dip for More Effect, the heat accelerates the dyeing

woven bird
a simple weave that started out as the top of a much more elaborate piece, first cut off bottom bit as I liked the back better than the front and couldn't manage to integrate it with the original, it became the woven bird above, the middle part was torn away and came apart, no loss; I like the cross-like feel of it now, suits the weaving and as with many of my pieces it is reversible, dark light back front in out over under 
a day later I got to thinking: what if I dyed  strips/pieces of fabric in two distinctly differing colours and made a large weave; forethought&planning, I even manage to surprise myself Grace


Mo Crow said…
love the way you play with the contrasts Saskia
Debbie said…
Lovely effect with the clamp dyeing and love your weaving, so even, I am thinking of doing some with dyed fabric as wel,l am enjoying the weaving into cloth.

Marti said…
What I love about how you dye cloth Saskia, is your absolute willingness to use anything to get color and your openness to seeing so many possibilities in color, in design, in stitch and weave.
Nancy said…
Wow is right! Love those blue-rust-gray circles :)
the circles are just great...
such a sense of openness, like a
Curiosity...really like them

but all, really like and
funny, i never really surprise
myself, or do i????? hmmmm.....
Anonymous said…
I would love to spend an afternoon (even a hot one) at your house! look at those results!



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