spot the change

yesterday evening: 9 poplars, lined up in a row
this morning 8 am, three down, six more to go

just before the walk.....
I count 5

3 left standing
(the trees in the foreground are lime trees, I don't expect them to disappear)

by the time I finish this post there are just 2, however I am certain they too will be down before I get back from the office later today.

the trees are 30 years old and ready to topple, I look forward to a lot more light and sunshine this Spring and Summer


Nancy said…
Remember when we lost our old trees, due them being taken out? Sounds like yours are going for good reason and the sun will be welcomed. Makes me think how a similar situation can really be so very different!
Anonymous said…
oh I'm glad this isn't a heart break.
Liz A said…
Always sad to lose trees, but much better that it be a controlled take down for good cause
Saskia said…
to be perfectly clear: the trees are not in our garden, they were planted thirty years ago and being poplars (cottonwood) they are ready for harvest; they are commonly planted all over our flatlands as windbreakers and are able to deal with our wet weather conditions and the general moisture in these wetland areas
i don't know how to feel about this
Maria buysse said…
i wish they will plant some other trees
Saskia said…
as long as you don't feel too sad Grace, anyway spoke to my gym class teacher yesterday she has lived here 40 years and says the trees are 25 years old, not 30 as I thought; new trees will be planted this Autumn, we would like different trees but I don't think that is going to happen
I will miss the rustling of the leaves, and who knows what kind of weather we'll have this year: we might be gagging for some shade!

so yes, Maria, they absolutely will
Unknown said…
I think it is wonderful that the tall trees have gone. You will have a lot more sun and light, I am sure. So enjoy it as long as it lasts.
But it is hard to believe that the trees are only 25 years old. 6 years older than Declan! I seem to remember, that the trees were very tall when you moved into your house 19 years ago. I may be wrong.
Saskia said…
the sun will be welcomed for sure, mama, and yes the trees were tall when we arrived 20 years ago...I must dig up some old photo's to see exactly how tall they were



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