short performance

posing, posture, poseur
passing time
painstaking practice
ghost bird tapping and almost disappearing into the moth-cloth, experiment

The Old bird king is ill: he’s in bed swaddled in his colourful blanket, knocked down by The Flu. We make tea for him and feed him soup. We scurry back and forth with hot water bottles and tissues. He’s warm and safe in his bed, resting, sleeping. When you’re really sick like that there’s not a lot you can do, not as a patient nor as the carer. We all wait and try to be patient. It’s not in my nature to just hang around ‘doing nothing’. So I act, I do the washing, tidying and shopping, read other peoples’ blogs,  join the dog on his walk, go to the studio and hang out with the gang. This afternoon we recorded another ghost bird performance. He takes his dancing very seriously; it took us several takes to get it just so. Saumon Rose, who decided to stay on so he too can take care of his sick friend, is mightily impressed by ghost bird. Of course, to him ghost bird is Huge. On top of which he’s an incredible dancer and has even more stories than Saumon, which is saying a lot!
Whilst we were recording the weather changed yet again from a sunny, pleasant morning to icy cold winds blowing snow drifts, necessitating me to stoke up the fires and close the curtains to keep out treacherous drafts. It’s a miracle we haven’t all succumbed to master flu. We sure could do with some warm sunshine…..
bonus: a rather beautiful puddle


Gracie said…
Saskia! It is wendy from Diaries/What If; I followed over from Grace's and Jude's places. How I have never been here before I wonder?! Ghost Bird dancing is amazing. I agree with Mr. Rose. It is mighty. I'll see you at What If- but thank you for sharing this here.
Saskia said…
Hi Wendy, you're welcome here; see you at What if and other places;-)
Saskia said…
they make an incredibly great tapping sound, don't they?
Anonymous said…
wow... just wow... the tapping, the story, and the image of ghost bird lifting and waving bones in front of cloth - truly magic... you are on fire!
Saskia said…
wow thanks Dee, it IS rather amazing him turning up like that, the entire gang being here....



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