ghost bird song


he is beyond welcomed in my home tonight.
i could not see his feet. but
really...maybe that only added to it all...that i couldn't...that they were withheld.

i really DO wish you lived next door.
Nancy said…
Darn it...yours is one of the blogs that I can't see videos :(
I've run into this a few times in the past. So frustrating!
Saskia said…
hi Grace and Nancy: first video, uploaded to you tube; I'd fiddled all evening monday when nothing seemed to work and then last evening: I recorded movement and voice and managed to upload to you tube, it's not perfect I know, but it's a first step.
Next time I'll make sure his feet DO show, I'ld like them to be tapping a ghostly rhythm (this involves improving the 'moving threads')
Saskia said…
he certainly is Mo
Anonymous said…
spell-binding... and, the insertion of your hand late in the video just adds something, too... and your Voice!!
Saskia said…
what can I say Dee, he inspires me;-)



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