funny cat

I'm having fun with 'fish tail Cat' on cloth-of-change

... and birds, I love birds, in the air, on tree branches, on the verandah, images of birds; these mornings we wake to early bird song and a couple of long tailed tits tapping on our bedroom window, I have no idea why they do that; they're a couple and have already found each other, so they don't need to find a partner....or are they flirting with 'other' birds? Anyway they flutter against the window, it is lovely to be able to see them so close up.


jude said…
me too. birds....
Saskia said…
birds will be appearing in this cloth as well (the cat is bird friendly, ha, well he must be with a fishy tail)
Nancy said…
Love what you do and the way that you do it! Fly Saskia...FLY!
Made me think of something I wrote long ago and posted a while back:

And a old tin bird food can I have :)
This week I held up my small, cheap cell phone so my dear friend in Boston could hear the beautiful song of the birds here in she could visit in her heart/mind where she lived many Springs ago! I love when Jude's videos/audios pick up the bird songs in her neck of the woods :)
Saskia said…
jeez Nancy, what a fascinating post: hundreds of crows ánd butterflies; the crows are so much fun to watch, they're incredibly clever and what never ceases to amaze me is how big they are if you can manage to get real close. How wonderful to imagine what the convention was about, huh?
I don't think I have ever seen clusters of butterflies like that, although we did have lots of atalanta butterflies here in our garden last year, you may remember, they stayed whilst the rotting fruit lasted,



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