a post unashamedly about me; hair's short again on top(in fact it's short all over); I like this pic because I have a soft, friendly face here; not so many years ago I would not have wanted my eyes to look kind, I 'm not sure why...I think it had something to do with wanting to seem tough and in control of my life; I especially didn't want to be vulnerable, these days I 'm almost completely so; what's the point otherwise? looking at myself like this through the blog medium, I'm almost seeing myself from the outside, what do other people see??
me in the mirror, I love glimpsing the studio in this manner, I like seeing other peoples' studios and houses in  other blogs as well, sounds rather nosy.....hmmm, I didn't really consider myself overly curious about other human beings, but there you go, I do like to see how they live and what they're up to; maybe I'm interested in certain people, let's leave it at that.


Mo Crow said…
"what do other people see?"
Hi Saskia I see a confident intelligent woman with a fine sense of humour!
Saskia said…
wow Mo: that is such a nice thing to say! thank you
patricia said…
hi Saskia. so. i'm just putting this all together--YOU are the bird hut woman. why has it taken me so long to connect the dots? doesn't matter. have loved your website from afar, and now to know this is where YOU live. delightful. and i'm with MO -- lovely lady. wonderful bones and terrific hair. i stay very short as well. and thanks for a glimpse into your studio world. i'll poke around for a while if you don't mind. but i'm quiet and shouldn't cause too much trouble!
Saskia said…
ah oui, c'est moi! welcome Patricia, make as much noise as you want to, ha;-)
you already know i like your hair.
and i like your face. because it
has definition of bones. mine
does too. but today, looking at
mine, i notice that as much as
bones, it has skin that is changing a lot. i am getting old.
really. really, like old. this is something new.
but there is also a different kind of freedom with it that i think i like. like i used to wonder...WHO do people See? Now...i don't care.
but you have a ways to go before this.
i like mostly your Interest in things. in your Self. in others.
i like that a lot. and how you don't uhhh, veil that. You are
RIGHT THERE. makes it easy.
Nancy said…
I see a woman who is thoughtful, attentive and sensitive. A woman who may have history she has let go of and so now walks with focus and purpose.
I love looking into people's studio spaces too. I like seeing where they create, but mostly what they surround themselves with for inspiration, memory and meaning. I'm on my way to have a look-see at the books and treasures on your shelves!
Saskia said…
hi Grace: ah the hair, I love that I'm back to short hair cuts; for years I thought long hair made me more attractive, but now that gravity is dragging everything earthbound, anything to lift the lines in my face makes me feel more energetic (and younger-looking, although that in itself is not the goal) and so others respond to me with more energy! the bones help me look good on camera, of course I didn't choose the pics with bags under my eyes, maybe another day.
hello Nancy: hmmm, maybe I should display a couple of my books, they are so important to me and the one thing I'll never stop buying; and yes I carry baggage, which at times feels light and at moments unbearable, but hey I cannot change it; it's like I commented over at Jude's , welcoming my friend Fear and welcoming my other pal Yesteryear: bring it on! I'm done running;-)
Anonymous said…
I see humor and intelligence, too - and a little impishness (which I like). There's also a bit of 'taking no shit' in your look - perhaps that's what you mean about dropping a certain pose?

I, too, love it when other bloggers reveal a little bit of their homes and gardens...
Saskia said…
thank you Dee! funny when I made the post I was asking myself this question rather than posing the reader/viewer one...but I'm sure happy with the answers I got; plus Grace mentioned something: WHO do others see, whereas I asked WHAT, did I mean the same thing, I wonder



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