quiet sunday

we startled the geese in the uiterwaarden; they sure do make a lot of noise and fuss about when they feel disturbed; T and I were just minding our own business, walking quietly and taking no notice of them whatsoever. No sooner had we left the fields, they were back. As you can see, the skies are grey once more!

a yellow bird appeared, I had intended to make flowers in that green space, but you know how these things go, needle and thread had a mind of their own; I'm glad I started off thinking I would sew a flower, otherwise I probably wouldn't have chosen yellow for the bird. I like the cheerfulness as though it is singing to us a song full of spring-promise. I've added more cross-stitches on the right, to knit the linen and the tapestry-fabric together.


yes...the yellow bird is
Saskia said…
he is all over the place



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