communing with other beings is not as easy as it sounds

drove back home from the office and the sky was still light, changed into a pair of old jeans, hiking shoes and a vest (no coat for the first time this year) T and I took off into the woods and it was still light; I took some pics trying to capture the feel of this wonderful airy being outdoors...saw things I didn't photograph like two men in a boat, 'cos they didn't want their picture taken. I know this, because they shouted something like 'Oy, I hope you haven't taken a picture of us, have you?' and I answered 'Oh no, sirs, I wouldn't dare take one without your permission.'
'ah well, that's okay then' and as I continued to walk, I thought to myself 'did I imagine it or did they sound kind of disappointed and did they actually mean they wanted their picture taken?' Communication between men and women in a nutshell.  T and I carried on past the water, along the vliet, crossed the wooden bridge and whilst I was deliberating which path to choose, I noticed a white spot where normally there isn't one, at roughly 100 metres from where we were standing(honestly, I'm guessing as my measuring abilities are weak). I was hoping it might be a roedeer, T's no use whatsoever when it comes to smelling out roedeer: he's just not interested in them. Luckily for the both of us there were many other scents to keep him occupied so he followed my lead. I was right about the white spot, as we came closer, it became quite clear the white spot was definitely attached to the rear end of a roedeer, a roedeer bum is what it was. As soon as it sensed us, the roedeer twisted itself and stared back at us and was deciding whether or not we were a danger. It reached the conclusion we were and it moved away and that's when the second one darted across the path and the two of them scampered off into the undergrowth; which was not particularly well thought out as almost all is bare and we could follow them for a bit. Not so that we could get close enough to take a picture, so I'm afraid you'll have to take my word for it. Since T and I are not a threat to these two animals, you could say this was another case of bad communication. A shame really, because I think you would have enjoyed seeing them here. Way more interesting than two guys in a boat. I think I still have some work to do on my communicating skills.
the light was just amazing


Haha. Communication between women and men in a nutshell. Personally, I just give up. Nice pictures of the light and water, and your thoughts
Saskia said…
hi Susan, I love the men in my household, but sometimes we just don't know What the other person Means....mostly we live peacefully side by side, not saying too much, i.e. I keep my mouth shut;-)



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