the old bird king's still in bed, however he is recovering and enjoys watching the goings on in the studio from the comfort of his box; shadow dog stands guard underneath the bed, Tom Cat sits quietly in the corner and Saumon Rose is on the look out upstairs; ghost bird loves performing and we all watch him dance and practice flying whilst listening  to music on you tube. 

klik here : the staves  and be swept away by their beautiful voices '......carry me home on your shoulders, lower me on to my bed.....' quote from song Mexico
lots more of their music is to be found on you tube, I was led there by Terri Windling's The Drawing Board


i come back and back. read. look.
yes. they are still here.
and it's as if Saumon Rose is beginning to recognize me
Saskia said…
ooooh that sounds nice, he's a very sociable sort of fish;-)
Saskia said…
plus I like it that you keep coming back



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