musical nine patch

almost black&white musical nine patch

Paul McCartney  performing Blackbird (Olympia, Paris) in honor of all the Blackbirds in our garden

- I wanted to play Let it Be here, but that wasn't possible due to copyright issues -


deanna7trees said…
we spend our lives learning to fly into the light. love this.
Saskia said…
oh yes we do! I was so moved seeing and listening to him again, and this song, so small and yet SO BIG
Cathie said…
Saskia - saw your comment on whispering (quoting blackbird) and come over. I too - have a fond appreciation for this song - as you can see here

it moves me, very much. as does spirit cloth!
Nancy said…
Saskia, we have such similar music tastes :)
Once, years ago in the car with my son and my boyfriend, my son brought up the idea of what song do you want played at your funeral. Instantly and with no understanding of Why, I said 'Blackbird". It touches me so deeply in a way I do not understand or need to. Part of that touching is this is the riff, from Blackbird, that my guy plays First, every time he picks up a guitar. It holds me and wraps arms of music & life around me.
Personal story, but how could I not share? :)
Saskia said…
Cathie: I'm going to visit your blog right now!
Nancy: thank you for sharing one of your music/love stories; it's like that with some things: they move you and you don't have to know why



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