funny horse

 just cruising on You Tube, happened upon Mean Mary, I had not heard of her before, I love her voice and her banjo/guitar playing: amazing

and here a more romantic tune Clouds Roll By
two distinct pieces sewn together become united forever.....
on the left a piece I call 'Grace' as she was the person I was thinking of when I started stitching/piecing it two evenings ago, and even if Grace doesn't do white, she does here; sorry Grace
still needs more stitching, not quite done


before i got to the words i thought oh...eeee~oh~loook, oh
and especially the left..oh
and then i read them and how
wonderful to be associated with
this cloth...and i love that the
stitching of the left bottom just
stops as it's still going
AND this is not WHITE. i mean
white to white with white. this
is another Thing entirely....
Anonymous said…
agree - it's NOT white... lots more than white... and it's lovely, like stained glass or a marine creature...
Saskia said…
hi Grace: well I'm happy you're okay with this White thing; plus in the cold light of day half of the strips in the white piece lean towards cream, I had starting the piecing and stitching in the evening hours after office work and everything seemed bright white; only goes to show: changing light, changing perspectives and so on
Dee: you know this hanging-in-the-window business has made me see the cloth pieces in an entirely new way, there's literally more depth and I'm looking for the 3 dimensional in the work I create lately.
to you both: your comments have suggested a title for this unison: 'Grace, or another thing entirely'
jude said…
ha, grace does it here, yes. looking through cloth is always beautiful. i stated noticing that with mom's curtains.
Saskia said…
Grace does White GraceFully



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