on the left the cut out square remains, above what was underneath, to the right the dyed patch that has replaced first square

for future reference I copied the link of Bill Moyers' interview with Barry Lopez; I had not heard of either of them until  I read Barry Lopez' story over at Windthread on yesterday's post. I was so impressed by the story I immediately ordered the book and when I went back this morning to look again I read Deanna's comment with said link. I have listened to the interview twice now, second time round I did the stitching of the replacement patch above, maybe the words have an impact who knows? I mean really, who knows? Many things Barry Lopez said hit home, touched my heart strings, struck a nerve..... (and I might add I also loved the questions raised by Bill Moyers, it takes two to make a good interview)  I was nodding a lot and saying YES out loud over and over again, I was filled with happiness, because here is a man, two men who look at the world in reverence. Reverence, yes that is it: we look and see and listen and breathe and eat and sleep and make love and fight and strive and fail and give birth to our children and bury our dead and dream and hope and cry and scream, we live in this world of dark beauty and it is so much. 
Over at Grace's there have been talks of altar cloths and worship and honouring and I think for me the word that encompasses the feeling I have for the world I live in is reverence, 'I and thou'  I quote Barry Lopez, if and when I look at my dog as thou, we are looking at each other with reverence. When I find a dead animal and see the thou-ness of that animal, it is with reverence that I take him home with me.
Over a year ago an owl got caught in our chimney and died. I left his remains in a bucket for this past year and water and time and tiny creatures cleaned him for the most part. I emptied the bucket this afternoon, it still smelled quite awful, but undeterred I picked out as many bones I could find and have cooked them in a pan, one of my dyeing pots on the cooker outdoors to clean him up a bit more and get rid of some of the stench. This what Owl looks like;  amazing how small his skull is without flesh and feathers.

thanks to 'I and thou' I jumped up and started dancing to Tori Amos' Cornflake Girl and Tungsten joined in: we were dancing dog-woman dance

three kittens from her womb and a little fish-bird


Marti said…
Ah Saskia, you are a gifted storyteller so for you, these words from Barry Lopez:

“We keep each other alive with our stories. We need to share them, as much as we need to share food. We also require for our health the presence of good companions. One of the most extraordinary things about the land is that it knows this—and it compels language from some of us so that as a community we may converse about this or that place, and speak of the need.”
― Barry Lopez
Saskia said…
thank you for these words Marti: I'm going to print them on paper, twice, one will go to my studio and the other will be in the kitchen, and I will be able to read and remember and think of you and the good companions; I hope when you're over at Graces' you'll have a picture taken of you and I can see you
she's moving here. not Here, but
to albuquerque. so my guess is
there will be a lot of pics of
us bony faced women in the future.

it's hard to know how often we
will actually be in each other's presence. we both have strong
need for our daily at home Doings.
but...often enough, i know.

i look so forward to this.

and i love this post. need to go look again. be back in a minute.
three kittens from her womb and a
little fish bird
and an old owl finding a
Saskia said…

one letter difference
Drucilla said…
i was so moved by Barry Lopez too! and the owl is magnificent!
Saskia said…
I'm still waiting for his book to arrive, so I can read more; the owl is amazing, the bones so light and the beak sharp!
Nancy said…
I posted my own favorite Barry Lopez quote...somewhere! SO I won't do it again.
Your kittens are so precious...and a fish-bird...but of course! Love this.
but I really came back to say that today I read this post from my son's longtime friend and I right away thought of you...what with the bones and all!
Saskia said…
hey Nancy that is a weird place and yet at the same time not weird at all, I mean with all the dead buried there anyway, why not show off a bit of bone! thanks for the link; I visit cemeteries too when I'm new to a place, they're usually peaceful places to be in



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