one of those days

today was just one of those days where nothing eventful happens, but a lot gets done. I managed a couple of household chores, such as folding up the laundry and tidying and vacuuming upstairs, all this after breakfast with a good read in yesterdady's newspapers and before I went for a walk with Tungsten.
Took some pics of the recently placed NAP measuring sticks at the small dam in the woods, they don't look straight but I guess they must be.

it'll be felted to make it come together better

Once back in the studio, I lit a fire, took care of some tedious bankaccounting, checked my blog and caught up on other peoples' blogs, found an interesting guy over at Nancy's, George Carlin; I'd never heard of him but I think he's very entertaining, he certainly doesn't mince words and I've been listening to his performances whilst knitting a tiny woollen blanket for the old bird-king. A smaller version of one I saw over at Jude's 'I really Like This' in her side bar. 

the EyePatch, 31x50 cm or 12x20in

 I finished this cloth last night, there's a bit at the bottom that was made during D's eyetroubles and the entire piece now holds that memory, so I call it the EyePatch.


You know how you stop noticing stuff, because it's there all the time; here's the original Hazemannetje that's in our bedroom gathering dust. When I cut out the Hazemannetje for the cloth, I didn't consciously think of him and it took me a while to acknowledge him! Hazemannetje belongs either to my husband or to his youngest sister, he can't remember exactly; he does remember he used to play with him and two others, Coco a monkey and Kabouter Flappie, a gnome. A lot surfaced today, and you know what it's not over yet.


jan said…
oooh this is looking lovely saskia. very subtle colours. and the way you've incorporated the pattern on the fabric.....nice.
Heather said…
I love how your stitching evolved - very nice piece! And George Carlin was great - I saw him live once. He was this little, intense man who seemed to make eye contact with everyone in the theatre, amazing energy and very funny. You are lucky to have discovered him now. Someone else you might like is Louis CK. He has lots of stuff on Youtube.
Nancy said…
Oh the little patchwork is so charming :)
And your many wonderful stitches with the dancing Hazemannetje!
Saskia said…
hi Jan, Heather and Nancy: thank you so much!! Mia's stash has inspired so many pieces. I think because the fabrics are such good quality the colours blend well with home-dyed fabrics and they are lovely to work with.
and Heather: I'll check out Louis CK, I love watching and listening to humorous and insightful tidbits of wisdom, whilst busy in the studio.
and yes Nancy, I do believe he is dancing



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