bird&fish tale

I present to thee the old bird-king wearing his colourful blanket. Now that he has a blanket to keep him warm he can go out again; here you can see him with his fishy friend, Saumon Rose who has just flown in from France. They are, like many of us, discussing the weather and their health. 
'How long winter seems to last; it almost feels as if the short days creep into my bones just that little bit more each year. My tired body is weary from lack of fresh air and sunshine', the king mutters. 
'Not to worry, mon cher, Spring c'est very proche and soon everyone will be complaining about too much soleil. You'll be debout and about in no time, winter will fade away and become a vague memory' exclaims the fish. 
'I suppose you are right. I certainly hope so. How about you, how was your journey?'the king asks. 
'Tiring and uncomfortable being out of the water for so long and  I am 'ungry, very very 'ungry' the fish replies. 
The king is puzzled: 'Angry, why are you angry? What can I do to soothe your mood?'
'Non, I am not angry, I am 'ungry, oh mon dieu 'ow shall I put it? I need food! Something to eat'
Now the old bird-king understands 'Of course you are, hungry and tired after such a long journey, especially as you are a fish and fish don't usually fly. It would be as if I had swam all the way to France, brrr. Come, my dear Rose and let my servant prepare some food for us! Saskia, my guest and I require a bite to eat and do remember to bring a large bowl of water.'
'Merci, mon roi' the 'appy salmon sighs.

Comments FAVORITE of ALL!!!!
do you know
Marcel the Shell with Shoes
on UTube
i think a friend of fish.
Saskia said…
Thank You Grace, I am discovering how much I like telling these tales; I haven't heard of Marcel the Shell but he sounds like fun and I'm gonna look for him on u-tube
Nancy said…
I love this story!!! I read it to my guy :)
The bird King looks so regal in his blanket. This is just The Best!!
Hoping more stories will come soon :)
Saskia said…
Hi Nancy: thanks!!!
The story-telling in words is not something I had expected to happen to me, but I'm sure glad it has;-)



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